Gawd i love recruiters!  Did you ever notice how they scream "kill the greedy bastards" when a service they have used for free for years wants to charge them between 500 and a 1000 bucks a year for the service.  All this clinched teeth muttering coming from folks who make more with one placement than some folks take home in a year.  It must just be the "Human Condition" that we think it's great when it's free and if it costs us something... those black hearted, coniving, thieves who developed it, made it work, gave it away, then have the chutzpah to dare suggest that we might pay for it.  One candidate placed from their site = 20 to 50K revenue, they ask for 1K for unlimited search for a year.  Must be GREED, scream the recruiterati.  Naw, Hooters patrons ,it's less than one half of one percent of one , just one, of your lowest fees. God ,you can show old Oscar, you just drop the service..It must be the "Human Condition."  With over 80 million users it may be a minute or two before anyone misses you.


I spent twenty four hours watching ,with teary eyes, as the miners came out of that hole in the ground.  It must be the "human condidtion" least with me..that somebody who is trapped in a horrible situation and is rescued changes status from victim/survivor to hero.  Don't get me wrong here, there was incredible even unbelievable strengh of the human spirit shown by those guys to survive.  I would have been curled up in a fetal position sucking my thumb or screaming.  A hero to me is someone who has a choice.  Like that first medic who took the first trip down that shaft and was the last one standing after all were out.  That cat is my hero.  As to mistresses and the wives showing up at the same time.  The real heros may be the crew who got to manage that situation for two months.  Talk about the "human condition".  For the one wife who didn't show up because she found out the mistress was already me honey, we will talk about why it is you really don't want to push he and that bitch back down that hole.  The book deals and the gimme's are just starting so half of his half is less than your one half.  It's the "human condition".  I noticed online that when 23 of them had been rescued 27 of the 33 had already joined a lawsuit against mine ownership.  Now they probably have a good case, most lawbugs i know would salivate buckets to take it, but i have two questions here. 


1.  If you were one of the four in the lawsuit that were still in that hole did anybody mention to you that joining the lawsuit might be more prudent after they got you out?


2.  How the hell did a lawyer get down there when all the technology on the globe had to be mobilized to get those guys out?


Speaking of the "human condition", i checked in to the Recruitfest live feed.  Production was on a WOW scale of professional, content lively and informative, presentation of the presenters, with a couple of notable exceptions, not so much.  Only in an industry where half of what we talk about is the way things look...resumes, candidates, appropriate dress and on and on would a group of the best show up to do something that went international dressed in jeans, shirt tails out and shades of redneck Texas..a baseball cap.  It must be the "human condition" that after all the advice, critique and volumes of published "how to's", how come you did that?  The other observation from the third cottonwood tree S. W. of Jackass flats USA, America ,was all those folks sitting there in rapt inattention with their laptops on.  did somebody forget to include laptops when they asked you to turn off cell phones.  Was it really that important to be the first to tweet?  Must be the "human condition"  Maybe it is that at my stage of the game ,form is as important as substance or at least i know that business casual as accepted in corporate America is not jeans and to me lack of form detracts from substance.  And t-shirts with writing on them do not get anyone a seat at the table unless one works for a convenience store.  Is it the "human condition" that we espouse a "do as i say, not as i do" image? 


I was more than delighted to hear that it might just be dawning on a few folks that the term "Brand" and the act of "Branding" might have gotten a little a convoluted.  It's the "human condition" here in West Texas that we have never been confused as to what a Brand is, what Branding is and what building the "reputation" of the Brand is all about.


Take issue if you's the "human condition".  We are in the people business after all.

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