I've been trying to fill a certain position and have come across some potential candidates however the only available contact info I have is their work email address...


How would you go about sourcing them via their work email without them being skeptical of possibly jeopardizing their current position?

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If you have their company name, and you must if you know it's their work email, call them at work, identify yourself and ask them if they have a minute to hear about a job opportunity, if not ask them if you could email them the information and ask for their private email.

I think it's ok to email someone at work.  If they don't respond or email you back and tell you not to contact them via work email i would certainly respect that request.  If you send your contact information and they might be interested they will email you back from private email or call you.  People are contacted at work all the time by recruiters it doesn't jeopardize their current position to be contacted.  It's up to them to respond via other means if there might be a problem.  If you over email one person they will quickly ask their IT dept to block your email address and report the contact to their boss or HR department so don't be a pest. 

I agree with Sandra 100%. If it is all that I have- I will of course reach out to them via email (always prefer phone). If it is an individual that I first spoke with by phone first and they give me their work email, I always ask permission to email them freely. The pest thing is always a good reminder as well- never a good way to start out a 'working relationship'.

Hell yeah.

1st Recruiting Fortune Cookie:

It is better to ask forgiveness than ask permission.

I always loved that one Bill.



I like to send a very nonchalant email when contacting new prospective candidates at work. I have had fairly good results with something along the lines of:


Subject: update

Body: John,

Are you available to speak this afternoon? I’d like to catch up on a few client matters I’m working on.




(or more simply)




Are you available to speak this afternoon? My direct line is 646-xxx-xxxx



Chris, rightly said... 

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