Do you have any experience working with Jobfox? Any information positive or negative is appreciated.

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Hey Alaina, thx for the comment. No I don't have any experience working with Jobfox. Just took a short blink at the URL, that's all.
Why.....would you recommend this site ?

Gerard from Holland
Hey Amber, how you're doing, fine I hope.
Greetings from Holland

Amber L Hall said:
I hear they spam a lot!
My company is considering possibly using them and before doing so we wanted to do our research and get feedback from other recruiters.
They do tend to spam quite a bit. The technology they utilize is very nicely set up tho. Overall, it's a give and take.
Thanks guys. Would you recomend using another site other than Jobfox?

If you do decide to try it, I'd advise you to insist on a shorter time period, maybe a month or two. They will try to sign you to a year 'subscription' and I would not do that if I were you until you know it will work for you. You won't know that by doing a demo. I demo'd the product a year ago and wasn't impressed as they still had many bugs in the search features, and you could not search on job title, which is important. But, now that it's a year later, it could be much better and have more users. They are not necessarily unique users though, there's bound to be overlap and they are definitely not more 'passive'. That's what they were saying a year ago, and it just doesn't make sense. If anything, they are likely to be the most active candidates as you'd have to be pretty motivated and patient to spent the necessary time inputting all the data that it requires. That's not a bad thing though necessarily, as these could be more serious job searchers. Hard to say. I think it will also depend on your recruiting focus as to how well it works. I've heard some say they've had success with sales types of jobs. We tried it for technical and project management and at that time there wasn't much there.

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