Hi , I am new to the group. My name is Brendan Delaney, and I own a few online job boards, including BigJobNet.com and MediaJobs.net. I am considering "setting up shop" to offer custom job order leads to recruiters. I'm researching the viability of this new business venture. Maybe some of you can offer me feedback and/or advice?

Here are some specific questions I have:

1) How interested are recruiters in purchasing job order leads?

2) Are there any lead-quality issues that frustrate recruiters? (or, what constitutes a good lead as opposed to a bad one?)

3) With the downturn in the economy, will the demand for job order leads be increasing or decreasing?

4) Are there specific tools or sites that companies currently use to acquire job order leads?

5) Are recruiters open to purchasing job order leads on a per-lead basis? (I am told they typically hire someone hourly)

6) If you are currently purchasing job order leads, what can I offer you that will make you want to work with me?

7) Would a package deal offering 100 custom job order leads and access to over 2 million active resumes be attractive to recruiters?

8) What data is usually delivered to companies purchasing job order leads? (i.e. Company name, name of hiring manager, phone, etc)

9) Is there any other feedback or advice you can give me?

I know this is a lot of questions, so please feel free to just answer whatever you are comfortable with. I appreciate any and all responses!



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What do you consider a job order lead to be? I've never heard of purchasing a job order lead before. Most recruiters, good ones anyway, don't have a lot of difficulty in uncovering valid job order leads. It's actually getting the order that is a bit trickier. I would imagine two kinds of leads, one where the company says, "I need a recruiter, who do you know?" and the other one where you know a company has an opening and uses recruiters, but may not be actively seeking to use a new vendor. Obviously, the first lead would have more value, but how often would you be likely to encounter such a lead? And how many people could you sell it to? The company isn't going to give the order to every recruiter that calls.

It's an interesting idea, but I'm sure how you'd execute on it.
How many recruiters would you sell the same job order lead too? If the answer is "as many as we can" it seems that it would be very annoying to the hiring authority to receive multiple recruiter calls about the same JO.
The leads would only be sold once, and they would be customized to whatever the recruiter needed. I consider a job order lead to be the contact info for the hiring manager at companies in specific industries or companies that have industry-specific job titles. I can also deliver leads based on company revenue and geographic location. The leads would be companies that have actively posted jobs online within the past 30 days, and would include links to their current online job postings. I would also work out a method for delivering only leads for companies that aren't already in the recruiter's database, so that they only receive new business leads.

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