Friday again, and don't get me wrong, I love my job! But... (always a but) sometimes, there are things that drive me crazy. Maybe I haven't been hardened enough by years upon years of work, but I feel like there are some common courtesies that just shouldn't be forgotten. 


I think that this is probably my biggest pet peeve:


Why, why, why do people not call back/email back when they say they will? If you are turning down my offer, need more time, someone else has backed you up or you just really are not interested in continuing whatever it is that we have been discussing, I rather know! To leave someone high and dry in a B2B situation is just as bad as deserting a candidate in the middle of negotiations.


Maybe I, despite my age, am too old fashioned. I just think that it takes two seconds to write an email to say you need more time, you're not interested, or xyz other reason that you haven't done whatever it is you said you would!


Feel free to share your favourite pet peeves on this lovely (well it is lovely here...) Friday! 


Have a great weekend!

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Helen - it is indeed Friday! We certainly have that going for us, but I am on board with this rant. It is one of those things that all recruiters need to deal with. One of my best friend's shared a saying with me 'stick to the plan' and that holds true in these type of situations. There are times I wish I could just say what I really want to on that voice message to the individual that did not stick with the plan as agreed upon, but also realize at times it is just human nature.


My other pet peeve is along these lines. That is when I set up a phone interview with my candidates and client and the candidate blows that off. It takes effort to open that door and to just drop off the face of the earth with no real excuse in unacceptable.

Helen, I know what you mean, from my office down the hall from yours, the same thing happens, a simple 'not interested' is better to me than avoiding calls and emails or not giving an answer. If only everyone was as courteous as us!

The reason that candidates do not call back is normally because they have identified another company that they are more interested in, have interviewed or will interview but do not want to blow off your company in the event that the other offer does not come through.  They are afraid if they tell you they are waiting on another company or offer that you will drop them like a hot rock.  Keep the faith.  Give them a bit more time then leave a message that if you do not hear from them you will assume no interest and move on but you would really like to hear from them to be sure that they have not responded due to  lack of interest and not some other situation.  (Give them an out)


Sometimes if you go quiet they get nervous that they have overplayed the hand and they will call you.  It seems like it is lack of courtesy when many times it is fear of losing their second choice.  But understand that no reponse almost always means lack of interst so best to go find another candidate.

I've been through this many times. It is indeed the exception rather than the rule that candidates inform me when they've either changed their mind, can't decide what to do or have some other reason for not returning my calls or emails. I think that they secretly believe that if they don't answer they keep their options open (ha ha) I think we pretty much know when they don't answer in a reasonable time, especially if we've called/emailed them more then once, they're done. It IS really frustrating. But, I think there will always be people who don't respond or explain and I'll just have to go on to the next person.


There are people that just go dark for a few days. It's extremely frustrating.    When I'm smart, I figure out their pattern early in the process and discuss it with them.  "Make sure I have all your digits. Is there any reason that I can't expect a call back from you within 24 hours?"  Let them answer it.  People own up to what they say much more often than they do to what we say.

This sounds a lot better than my plan to set up a tent in their front yard and stalk them.


I have gone to their office or home and left my business card on their car window or in the mailbox during the day when they are not at home.  That seems to scare them into calling me.  :)

@Tim: Awesome! 

@Sandra: Little creepy, but if it works, it works!

Got the idea from a candidate who would leave a business card on my car in the parking lot eveyday until i found him a job.  It got funny.  He didn't call and bug me or send a lot of emails but everyday for three weeks i left the office to find his card on my car.  Believe me it worked.

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