In case you see this reply from me - it might help if you know where I'm coming from.

I come here to learn, share and just take a little break from industry and commerce. I am not here to shop. I am not hear to be sold. If there is a product I need - I'll check the RBC vendors....and ask my recruiting friends for their referrals.

I battle spam from every angle all day long. We as a community should hold ourselves to a little higher standard when it comes to blatant self-promotion.

Until I am otherwise told to stop doing so - each time someone just blatantly spams their product I am going to slap this reply on it.

I myself have personally developed THE MOST INCREDIBLE tool for recruiters to come along in many years - but you don't see my plugging it here every day.........

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Josh for $800 I did not think they (whoever they are) were in our space....but I hear you screaming, its over ;-)
Not with my fingers tied in knots...

Rayanne said:
I want to apply! any openings? Are you sure you don't write novels, Steve?

Maureen Sharib said:
Vetting vendors
Crushing callous commentors
Vilify the vociferously vocal

Sounds like a job description to me if ever I heard one!
Hey Josh, I just got back and read this. which company scammed you?

There is no inner circle here that decides what advertising to take and where to put it. It's just me that handles that so I am sorry for what happened and please let me know which company it was that you are referring to.

Also, I can't find the workaround group you are referring to. what's the link. Thanks

Joshua Letourneau said:
Since we're being honest here, this is my $.02 --

I have a bigger concern with ads on RecruitingBlogs that are actually for poor products. IMHO, the real difficulty begins when the inner circle of RBC has to make decisions of maximizing ad placement revenue versus having great companies with great products advertise here.

I only say this because I purchased a product through an ad on RBC, only to learn I'd been scammed. The product wasn't ready for market . . . I even thought about starting a 'workaround' group on RBC to find other end-users so that we could put our minds together to find ways to rig the product to do basic things (like create a call-list, import states and cities correctly from resumes, etc.) In the end, I didn't make this workaround group here because I thought it would be a dis-service. While a workaround group would have been helpful to me, I didn't start it for the good of the community and the health of RBC long-term (in terms of not upsetting firms providing lifeblood ad revenue). I know that I would appreciate it if a community member thought about the greater good.

Now, is that RBC's fault? No way; not at all; not even in the slightest. I made the buying decision based upon a 3-day trial or so. But I had an expectation that solutions were vetted and that only the best were marketed to us as community members . . . because that's a big part of the value I find in RBC. Today, I'm currently in the process of starting my own social network geared toward something completely non-recruiting related, and I ask myself what kinds of ads I want presented to my community members. This presents tough decisions because ad revenue can be the lifeblood of a community . . . so much so that I'm already considering these things today, despite having a community in which the lights aren't even 'turned on' yet.

P.S. Kudos, Jerry - your posts over the last couple months have taken on a nice 'bouncer-esque' feel, and that may be necessary as the community continues to scale. You are wearing your newfound sheriff badge quite well for the good of the community :)

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