We know that Web 2.0 added an interactive side to the world wide web, this addiction we call the internet. It used to be that a website was all you needed in order to sell you message and advertise your business. And if you were smart about it, if you hired the right people, SEO would work for you and your biz. Then along came 2.0 and the "social" aspect of media.

Website --> blogging --> online profiles --> social networks --> microblogging

The new social revolution is far from complete and one cannot help but wonder where we will go next. The use of most new media is still free but at what cost? You have heard me say before that this isn't Vegas. What happens on facebook stays on facebook... ha! nothing could be further from the truth. You can find anything online. Anything. It is best to manage your own profiles and web-based interactions as tightly as you can.

There are conversations taking place, there are relationships being established. The cold call wall is being torn down. With the onslaught of the numerous ways we are able to connect with clients, potential clients, candidates, and potential candidates, there is hardly a need to make a true cold call ever again. If planned carefully, calls will be warm and made on the heels of the most recent surge of information distributed by you and your company.

Filtration and isolation of your targeted audience changes the game a bit. No longer reduced to several hundred cold calls a week, the ability to get intentional in approach is accessible to those that take advantage of the technology at their finger tips. Branding, removing walls, and attracting quality talent to a particular position or company is possible with less time and money wasted on perusal through purchased lists and painstakingly compiled CRMs.

Fabergé Organic Shampoo had an ad campaign featuring Heather Locklear several ago that featured the "telling two friends" concept, and they told two friends and so on and so on. That was viral marketing at its most primal. Now we can tell two hundred friends and so on and so on. Between newsfeeds and status updates, there really is no reason everyone in your network should be "in the know" as to what you are currently up to. So go ahead, tell two friends, just watch what happens.

by rayannethorn

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You are inspried this morning Maureen! This is one of my favorite Norman Rockwell's and a perfect way to illustrate Rayanne's point. Thanks for the Monday morning smile :-)
Now I wish I had something cogent to add to this discussion but I am not as lucid on Monday mornings!

Maureen Sharib said:

You are absolutely right. Social media is a game changer. I am using social media to look for people with experience in HR and Recruiting to try out my companies new online recruiting tool, which is in beta. Since we are not charging the users at this stage, this has been a great method to find qualified people. Using people with experience to try the tool out has given us incredibly valuable feedback. All of this done through the various social media sites.

I have also met some great people during this process and had some good discussions about favorite books. I love books and though it doesn't have anything to do with my project, it has made it all more enjoyable for me. Social media allows for a better relationship, much friendlier relationship.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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