Lash LaRue with WHIP - Old Western Cowboy Good Guy Has Message for Recruiters & Everyone Else

"Do good deeds; have guns but carry a big bullwhip; Whip the bad guys (whip them good); help old people off of stagecoaches and at train crossings ; be good to animals - especially your horse; double wrap your beef jerky; be fair; and always, always come to the rescue of those who need rescuing."  vbm

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Alfred "Lash" LaRUE
Was born on June 14th. 1916, he died May 21 1996, at
5;OO pm at the St. Joseph Medical Center, near his
home in Toluca Lake. Ca.   The cause of death
was from a lifelong addiction to smoking.
which resulted in a long and very
painful struggle with
and evenfual hart failure.
As a long-standing request, "Lash" LaRue was cremated.   
The next day his ashes was placed in
     a vault at
     The Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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Lash and his horse Black Diamond were my childhood heros.  A friend of mine who is in the music business always got a kick out my stories of going to the Saturday morning movies to watch Lash and Black Diamond which resulted in me taking a bucket of black paint and painting my old white horse black.  Which brought the wrath of my grandfather down on my nine year old head and made me very aware of how long it takes to scrub black paint off a white horse.  Thinking he was doing something fun on my birthday one year in early nineties, my friend came in my office accompanied by a crusty old man carrying a bull whip and introduced me to Lash.  It was not a pretty picture.  It was four in the afternoon and Lash was loaded to the gills.  My friend, a non drinker, decided that what we needed to do was take old Lash to dinner and sober him up.  A noble plan but one that hardly ever works. 

To make a long and painful story short.  Lash consumed about 12 drinks of straight something on the rocks, passed out in his plate after regaling everyone within hearing distance of a foghorn all about his eleven marriages and his fall from grace in the movie industry.  My childhood hero was destroyed before my eyes.  My friend is still apologizing to me.

It may have been smoking that caused the emphysema that finished old Lash off but i can testify that a crashing addiction to the demon rum probably had a lot to do with the organism shutting down.  If he was as pickled when they cremated him as he was the day my friend brought my childhood hero into my office the cremation would have been a flash fire.

And whoever writes for webfly needs to learn to spell and use the proper tense of a verb.  Don't believe everything you read on the net.

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