I sit here, typing away, with inspiration looming somewhere in the back of my brain. Can you force inspiration? Can you nurture it to make it grow or sprout where once there was none? It would be easy for me to say "yes" because I am sometimes flooded by it, when it comes in overwhelming waves that crash over my psyche until my fingers are no longer able to be restrained. But.., there are also moments when study raises questions and I am sure that I was placed in that moment to review and shine a light.

How many times are you placed in a learning moment? How often do you have the chance to cull a task to get to the heart of it where erudition occurs? Too often, we either ignore these moments or think they do not apply to us. Throughout our lives we will encounter "light bulb moments," where instant insight is granted for a particular situation. How we react to those moments will determine whether or not we are open to receive more of the same.

Each of us has, within us, a brain with the ultimate capacity and ability to make connections, fire synapses, concoct crazy schemes, plot dastardly deeds, attach Point A to Point B, decide the right course of action, and numerous other functions. At some point, we must recognize when our functionality is limited or when it needs a lift. Joining with like-mined individuals is a good way to stay motivated but venturing out with unlike-minded individuals might just be the ticket to get your dander up and drive personal innovation.

In order to thrive, man must continually improve. Finding opportunities to reach or stretch can get difficult when we are surrounded by the doldrums in a position that requires uniformity and conformity or "Do as you are told." Reaching potential can seem impossible at times. Seeing beyond your job description and your daily grind can be arduous but not unattainable. Recall the child-like eagerness that once held a place within you when you first broached the threshold of your current gig. What was it that inspired you then? Draw on it now.

“There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, & yearning.” ~Christopher Morley

by rayannethorn

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Rayanne, it's natural to run dry at times. Especially when you're trying to keep a schedule like you are on behalf of recruitingblogs.com members. This is why I believe those who can write and bring content to sites are going to be paid in the future to do so.
Thinking more, Rayanne, about what you said about child-like eagerness I thought of this experience. This is one of the early lessons in the Magic in the Method telephone names sourcing course. It talks about finding something to do that awakens child-hood pleasure.

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