LinkedIn makes everyone feel great with the 1% email....You've been made...

It's clever, I have to admit. It's generated a ton of activity online, specifically across the other big social  networks. So how did they hijack the trending threads?

Sending out of 10,000,000 (literally) emails telling you that you are a top viewed profile... 

I understand that it's marketing and it's clever but with all of the LinkedIn pricing issues in the news recently how do you feel that you are truly a number to them?

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If they had send us a check for being in the 1%, now that would have been some marketing :-)

I received my award 24 hours before their sales girl hit me up to sell me their new suite of InMails. I feel so used!

We are united in our distaste for LinkedIn's pervasive mendacity Jerry ;-)


Jerry Albright said:

I kind of ended up feeling sorry for the first few people I saw - so proudly displaying their BS award.  It made me feel sad for them. 


They got the response they wanted.  Many people in a Pavlovian way posted their award - free adverstising, accomplishment.  Many folks includiing all of us are discussing and posting about LI - more adverstising and branding, accomplishment.  I had fun posting mine and taking the oportunity to innocently make fun of friends who had previously posted theirs.



I'm not a paying customer and I got a top 5% mail.  I worked out that that made me a one of 10 million people and commented such in an LI update.

I did wonder if this is profile views over a specific period or since LI began.  I was one of the very early adopters, one of the 'First Million' definitely, possibly one of the first 100,000 so wouldn't be surprised if I had a lot of profile views (especially as I used to be very active in the Q&A forums) over all time.  I've since been told that it was profile views during 2012, given that in a good week I get 10 views and most weeks three or four being int hr top 5% does make me wonder how few views the bottom 5% get.

Jerry Albright said:

I'm now thinking it only went to paying customers.  Can anyone confirm this? 


From what I understand my congrats 1% email was accidentally delivered to Sandra McCartt. 


Sandra.....I want it back and I want it framed!  Stop hogging all the glory!

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