I run a niche 10-person staffing company that does contract and full-time placements globally.  I am looking for a new ATS that will best serve our needs.  

We are a virtual company (1-2 people sitting in each location) and I have zero IT staff, so a SaaS product is probably a must.

We have 2 people sitting on-site with 2 different clients, so we need to be able to segment the data into separate databases.  

We do a lot of email marketing, so I would like to have strong CRM functionality.

We currently use Salesforce.com, which is fine except it is pretty awful when it comes to searching resumes.  

We are 75% mac's / 25% pc users.

We work internationally - US, UK, EU and Asia Pac.

Would love to hear feedback from people that like or dislike their products and why... 

Many thanks

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I can't speak for the MAC portion, but we are a similar sized agency and we currently use maxhire (www.maxhire.net).  And it seems to fit what you are looking for, and the price per seat is much more reasonable than other platforms we researched.  I've been with them for 2-3 years and have been quite happy.  Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any other questions.

Thanks Nate - I will check it out.  

Most of the ATS's provide most of these features, with the exception of #2. This is handled nicely in our recruitment tool called Hireworx (http://www.hireworx.com). Sharing jobs and resumes with vendors and clients are the core features and key differentiators of Hireworx.

Contact me offline if you would like to find out more and I can provide more information on the tool.

There are not a lot of products that run on the MAC Platform. Our product SmartSearch does, and I think PC Recruiter. For other options, search www.capterra.com - send the resulting vendor list an RFI with your basic requirements; make sure you specify the database segregation requirements.


You might want to look at these 3:

Bullhorn (with Bullhorn Reach)

SMART Recruiters (It's free- revenue comes from job postings.)

Intelligence Software (I like the single screen interface)


Thank you Bill and Sylvia.  Very helpful.

Bullhorn does not work on a Mac Platform, unless you license Windows and use Parallels.  Bill, I couldn't find any ATS-specific information on the Intelligence Software home page.  Can you provide a link?

hireworx appears to be in private beta so no information was available.

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