OK RBC..........

What do you got for me? If you saw in today's daily email- I am looking to hear back from you on suggestions as to how we can make the RBC even better.

I wanted to put my recruiting skill of listening to the test and ask for some help from the RBC. I will be opening up a new forum discussion this weekend looking for feedback from all of you in regards to RecruitingBlogs.com.

Feedback in the form of suggestions, complaints, wish list on ways that the site can be improved. Yesterday a few RBC members took advantage of my open door policy and shared some great ideas with me, but I want to open it up to all of you. So give it a moment and let us know what you like (and don't like) about the RBC .

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I wanted to also add that we of course have a few ideas of our own, but the RBC is as much yours as it is ours- so really important to hear back from all of you. If you like you can also feel free to send me a message or email at tim@recruitingdaily.com


Thanks all.......

Tino -


I know we already discussed the value in posting photos. We are on the same page there.


I also agree with you in regards to "Blog Dumping". Not wanting to single out just Geoff here, but I have already reached out to him (and know he also responded in a thread) to shy away from that practice. He does provide some great informative content, so I would hate for things to simply get lost in the mix (for anyone).


Hope you have a great weekend Tino and thanks for the $0.02 - keep it coming....

For starters...

Discourage "Blog Posting that amount to "Blog Dumping" which I define as anything amounting to 10+ blog posts in a 20 minute period.  I'm not suggesting that any blog post is not worth it's individual value but 10-50 blog posts (actually happened) in only a few minutes is going for a record.


Now, I'm GUILTY of posting photos...more than most, but I do try to pace them so no more than 3-5 appear in the same day...and by the way--I try to make my photos (all taken by me) 98% RECRUITMENT RELATED.

Weed out the blogs that are more advertising than useful content.

Thomas -


Thank you...I appreciate any and all feedback. You raise a valid point and we will be making an announcement soon to address this issue.


I agree.  There are some blog posts that are essentially pure Ad Copy that need to be posted in a place for advertisements.  However, there are viable blog posts with a closing invitation to go to a specific website for additional info if there is interest in doing so.  I do not consider those blogs problematic.


Valentino, I agree 100%..I wouldn't want a blanket policy about promoting stuff within the context of a blog, but the ones that cross a line are easy to see..I really don't want to see them banned, maybe just returned to the sender for editing until the the information and sales message read like they belong on the same page together and are pertinent to the community..some people don't even try.


We're all appreciative of your invitation for suggestions to improve RBC.  It was promised by you and Noel coming in and true to your word your FORUM invite for RBC Feedback was posted on July 8th.

However, since it is a post under FORUM it'll soon disappear under layers of new Forum posts and become out-of-sight and out-of-mind.  You'll have to continue to post it on a regular basis to remind members that their suggestions are welcome.

And the Suggestion Corner, if you will, can show everyone's contribution(s) by date and action taken. Or not.


My suggestion is to enter it onto the SUBJECT LINE as a new option under the title: "SUGGESTIONS"

In this way anyone accessing RBC will automatically go to the SUBJECT LINE and see SUGGESTIONS, among all the other options, and maybe make one.

Let's start with a coherent comment structure. I'm trying to follow the comments below and I can't, Is this because either the replies are to comments I can't see or the replies are to comments that are re-sorted to be out of chronological order.  Whatever commenting service you use, replace it!
I would invite change recommendations via a "suggestion-for-debate" discussion that would be open for debate. In this way recommended changes could be debated...and reasonable ones could be considered.
@Tim Dineen--the comments here, so far, are in chronological order except for the one I made on Sunday.  I revised it and that action made it appear after the response Tim Spagnola made to it.  So it's not surprising that it confused you--If it didn't it would make Tim Spagnola a Clairvoyant-which wouldn't surprise me either.

Thank again everyone for the feedback. A suggestion box/forum that is featured more prominently is a good idea. I will explore that a bit more. Thanks Tino!


Tim - yeah.....an odd glitch that happens time to time when a user edits/deletes a previously posted comment. I am looking into also trying to see that resolved. Comments do flow in a real time chronological order.


Thanks and for now keep it coming....

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