Well friends we have started a new Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting firm here in Orlando, FL and opened in late September. In 3 months we have yet to get even 1 order!

We are not to far from closing our doors so I wanted to see if anyone might have some advice that could give us all a swift kick in the pants before we lose everything we have ever dreamed of having.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated..hopefully I can keep the electricity on long enough to read your replies.


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thanks for the info, still nothing is working. hate to be mr. gloomy but looks like we are going under.

In order to succeed you have to go a little bezerk. Don't give up. If the clients you are calling in are not buying, change your clients. Get to work early, call on the east coast, work through the day, taking breathers where needed but sometimes you have to light yourself on fire. Feeling gloomy is not going to help one bit.

Look at it this way, even if you do end up closing your doors, if you do your absolute best, hey, that is the way it goes. At least you will be able to sleep at night. Don't ever give up. It is that last bit, that final 1% of effort that so often makes the difference between success and failure.

Doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same dissapointing results is insane. Shake things up. Call on Life Sciences firms or software firms that service Healthcare or ANYTHING....to get the job orders.

Good Luck!

You may already be doing this, but look on LinkedIn for people to call. Pull the typical recruiter bit and pitch a candidate a job you may not already have and find out where he is int'vg. Ask the tought questions to candidates, any offers yet? where? etc.. There are a lot of "creative" things you can do.
Are you paying rent somewhere? Can you get out of that and just work out of your house? Cut your expenses to the bone, you don't need to spend much to get going. Are you signed on with Bountyjobs or Dayak or any of the other vendors like that? I'm not a fan, but they are an option if you need orders to work on immediately. Pick one or two searches that you feel confident you can fill, get engaged and then call the contact and introduce yourself and take a few minutes to find out what they key 'must haves' are...if they won't talk to you, then don't waste your time, they're not serious. If you find a few that will talk, then dive in and produce quickly.

Also, search indeed.com for openings and call and market candidates. There is business out there, you just may need to go searching and maybe shift gears a little on what you target.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info guys!
I used to Manage the Maxim Ops in Orlando and Melbourne, are you guys going after Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Correctional Facilities? Are you meeting with Discharge Managers at the hospitals for Homecare cases? Go after the easy stuff like CNA/HHA homecare private pay cases, you can pick those up and staff right away and billing is better than 30 days with private pay... get your nurses involved offer referrals for getting you in the door,

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