The tables can be quickly turned on someone who thinks they are in control. Seriously. I work out of Newport Beach, CA. My commute, some days, is horrific. I battle freeway congestion, passing multiple accidents and well, stupid drivers. But I always feel in control - why? because I know my way around my commute. I can, at any time, jump off the freeway and take surface streets to get to my destination. I usually choose to stay on the freeway because of the "no think" factor.

The fact is I have made my drive so many times that very
little thought goes into my morning commute, other than "Don't run into the stopped car in from of me." My car is practically on auto-pilot; I know where I am going, I know how to get there, I am pretty good at guesstimating how long it will take to arrive, and I like my drive. I enjoy my commute time, really - I do.

I drove into Minneapolis yesterday through St. Paul, crossing the Mississippi. It was a beautiful drive and though I thought I was, I
wasn't really, in control, for as soon as there was a back-up, bottle neck or accident, I had absolutely no idea or point of reference as to how long the clean-up would take or when rush hour even was. I was clueless and, clearly, not in control.

To top it off, I was making turns onto General Mills Blvd and Betty Crocker Drive. I was hoping Lucky Charms Lane wasn't waiting for me at the next signal for I was about to crack. Believe me, these are real street names. Nice way to sugar coat the fact that traffic in that area of town is always bad - no matter what time of day. And that is ok, I just wasn't aware of what I was getting in to or that I wasn't going to get anywhere fast or even in a predictable time frame.

Predictions, understandings, and expectations are necessary in order to create a strategy
or some type of time frame as to how your business will grow or develop. It won't happen alone and a magical company name or spiffy logo will never replace the legwork involved. Knowing your approach, who you are approaching and how you will do it are imperative to achieving success of even the smallest kind. Hoping for magically delicious isn't the same as doing the work to ensure it.

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Survivors know they are not in control so always have a plan in the event the worst happens, then charge on to make the best happen. Don't spend a lot of time dwelling on the plan for the worst but have one..words of wisdom from the recruiting maven. :)

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