Market Intelligence - What Industry Information Would You Like to Know?

Attention all Recruiters:

I need your help.  Early next year, I plan to begin publishing Market Intelligence Reports for the Recruiting Industry.


Before I do this, however, I'd like to get an idea of the industry information that recruiters would be interested in learning.  This will help me formulate the right questions to ask your peers when it's time to start collecting data.


For instance, would you like to know about what keeps most recruiters up at night, how large the industry is, and/or compensation and benefit information for agency and corporate recruiters?


Maybe what firms budget or spend on training recruiters? 


If this is information you'd like to know, please let me know.  I am sure that I'm missing a lot of questions that I should ask, and would welcome questions you'd like to get answers from when I start doing the market research projects. 


Thanks in advance for your help.  It is appreciated. 



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Some of the inforamation / intelligence that would be wecome:

 1. Hiring plans of companies

 2. Technologies being used by different companies

 3  Compensation packages being offered by the companies.

 4.  To hirers in various domains.

 5.  Top recruiters and how they have reached where they have.

 6.  Recruting Engines





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