It sounds good in theory. Measure every movement of every person involved in recruiting. Log every call. Log every result. Surely it will yield great results.


I don't know you, but I suspect you do not like to be micromanaged. You would prefer to be respected and trusted to do a good job on a daily basis.

Your staff feels the same.

If I know that I can get better results by following my gut instinct, I will do so. Perhaps I will make fewer calls than my cubicle-mate. Should I skew the results by following a prototype of the ideal search? Or should I do what is right?

You decide.

Research and candidate development are very intuitive. You know where to look. You know what to say to your prospect.

Enter metrics....

You are rewarded for certain behaviors. You are penalized for others - even if they are what you should be doing. What shall you do?

Do what is wrong and be rewarded. Do what is right and be penalized.

Is this what you want your staff to be facing?

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Um, carrot and stick? Or is that just donkey's?

Steve Levy said:
Ami, and how are prized thoroughbreds trained?
Amitai Givertz said:
Sandra, rather than nitpicking on each point that I could have issue with let me agree with the underlying premise of your argument which I understand and relate to.

I will say this...
The problem with this philosophy is that metrics, like legal contracts, are generally a non-issue when all is well. What about when it's not? Where do you begin to fix the problem? How do you benchmark below-average performance? Do you compare only within your team? Or more generally across your industry? Working on instinct alone - just like working on metrics alone - is a very slippery slope, my friend. I think I'd add a weekly lottery ticket as a backup to my income plan.

Sandra McCartt said:
Trends would seem to make a lot more sense than the tactics and drill. Bottom line is if it works do it.
Now THAT is funny!!!!

Sandra McCartt said:
"It's not just one car," said Herman. "It's hundreds of them!"

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