You may wonder, "What future?" Or you may ask, "Who is Recruiting?" The answer, "So long as there are people and there are jobs, there will be recruiting!" There is a future so long as you believe in the notion of jobs, building a career and work as a contribution, not a task. Your optimism sets the tone. Your enthusiasm sets the pace and your determination sets the goal.

Recruiting like most things is an opportunistic venture. You have to see it to believe it. As long as there are people looking, needing, wanting an opportunity to work, there will be recruiting. Recruiters are the connectors to the future of work. Without them, you'd have aimless enthusiasts looking to find their meaning in life without the benefit of experts who can help connect them with the right people.

Recruitment isn't the most altruistic of endeavors. It is a warrior's fight, particularly in these times. It's not for the faint of heart. It has it's own code of ethics. It waits for no one and it does have an agenda all its own. The future of recruitment is simple: it's about going where few will venture and where some fear the risk even greater.

My future in recruitment is even simpler: it's about helping those who, for whatever reason, can't seem to help themselves. It's not philosophical. It's not biblical. Recruitment at its core is practical. Until we all find the road towards independent wealth without needing to work. we all need the help of a good, honest and assertive recruiter.

Recruiters are the future. For now, there are more outlets where people can "virtually" connect without needing the help of human, live interaction. So you may wonder, "Why would anyone need a recruiter?" Because recruiters, know where the jobs are and they can help you find your way. A good recruiter in many ways is your GPS for jobs.

Recruiters have competition but mainly not from other recruiters. Recruiters have competition from the unknown, the faceless names of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Technology is a friend but you wonder if it is for the recruiter? Our future is entwined with this faceless foe. Recruiters need to embrace the enemy in a whole new way, because quite frankly, we don't know what impact this enemy will have on the future of recruiting.

So in the meantime, we watch, we learn, we wait and we count the days when we complete our next placement no matter how big, no matter how small. As long as we can say with genuine optimism, "So how was the interview, did you like the Company?" Or even better, "Hey, Human Resources just called, they want to offer you the job!" My future in recruiting is waiting for that day to return, over and over again.

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