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I’m amazed at the number of submissions for the 20,000 member celebration/contest. Almost 70 people shared how they see the future of this business but more importantly how they are going to participate in it. It’s an amazing collection of insight and opinion that I think should be read by everyone who is a recruiter. I know if I was still running my search firm, I would suggest strongly that all the recruiters take a good look at it.

The collective contribution over the last 30 days around a specific important topic made a better social network for everybody. I’m really thankful for it. One of the things I always think about is how to make something more than just a social network. It’s important that people can justify their time spent on and to justify it to someone else if need be.

I’m also thankful to Ed Newman and The Newman Group because they invested some real dollars into to support this. I emailed with Ed today and he has been doing a lot of reading. I hope he has some time to read some poker books as well because he is a lousy player. Not the worse but certainly not in the top 10. He is much better and has more respect at his day job. In 2 weeks, Ed will pick a winner and that person is going to go to Mexico for 5 nights with whomever they want.

I also want to thank Josh Akers who is the VP of sales here at because Josh never lets a good idea die. It’s what makes Josh a good guy to work with.

Here is the link to all of the " My Future in Recruiting" submissions

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The truth is, there are not really 20,000 members yet but it’s close.

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Sorry I missed your deadline and am out of contention, but thought perhaps you might enjoy my input anyway, if only for a slightly different twist in perspective...

I guess you could say I have been blessed. My recruiting years go way back to when this country was hard pressed for electronics engineer in a growing space age when electrical engineers wouldn't quite do, and word processors was the new game in office technology. I have slugged through the downslides of many job marketplaces & devastating recruiting demand changes in once strong and high demand industries, like chemical & plastics, textiles, paper & pulp; Oil & Gas, dotcoms; I rode the low tides of niche desks in publishing, mortgage, corporate legal and mid-management specialties, and software sales; jumped into high demand fields of Health Care, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, IT, Government and Defense. I learned about computers cold turkey and became an early member of the first OnLine Career Center, the precurser to job boards today. And thru it all I've met and come to know many fine professionals many fields and specialties, and yes... including recruiting.

The evolution of the recruiting model is an interesting one... but with a single, consistently ruling constant... and that is that true success in the future of recruiting will, as it has in the past, continue to be an individual story... those who succeed will do so because they are one who makes recruiting happen, and then there will always be those who simply watched, and of couse, there always has been... and will continue to be the majority who have always wondered what happened to their careers, those who never quite absorbed their lessons or understood the common sense of same.

The basic model of recruiting will continue to demand a unique breed of individual... the one driven to excell, in spite of whatever... . Therein lays the future of recruiting. As for my future in recruiting, I'll continue to enjoy the rewards, I simply can't stop... for what other career lets you impact so positively on other people's lives. You help careers get launched, you are a key turner to career growth, you are forever a hidden factor as match maker... for, with each of your successes lay the neat possibility of being behind a happy placement's decision to move to a new part of the country or world, sometimes led to enough confidence to buy a new car, ask for or accept a hand in marriage, enable a decision to buy a first home, have a first or next child, and certainly enhance someone's financial future, open a door for their continuing education, enable one to reach a new pinacle in their profession, perhaps even become your client in the future...

And for these little bonuses, we do suffer a world of human nature in a great variety of positives and negatives, and earn our living just a little more gladly than the next fellow.

Thank you , colleagues, let's keep our world flourishing. We do come value added...
Don Pitt, CPC
A Career Professional Resource Service, LLC
Fun contest and really nice to read through the many great takes on this question.

I do take issue, however, with your characterization of Ed's poker playing...he wasn't that bad. Just because I ended up with more chips than he, is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm a quick study (with his help!)

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