Hello All!

I am a brand new recruiting hire looking to soak in any and all tips you veterans may be willing to share. I started this week recruiting for a growing company in downtown Austin. Our focus is forming around enterprise software, e-learning, health information technology, and e-commerce.

I'd love to learn how to shake off this greeness and start getting some placements!

Always happy to be taught,


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Hey Nicole - welcome to the RBC. Tons of great minds to tap into within this community. Best of luck running your desk.

Hi Nicole! There are lots of great recruiters on here to learn from. Internal and external, and lots of different viewpoints.

Are you a corporate recruiter, or recruiting for clients?

Welcome Nicole! 

Just remember that no one cares "what you know" until they know "how much you care".  This was Zig Ziglar's modified quote and it has served me well many years.  If you're only in the business for yourself and your own $$$ or ego then you'll have success for a while, but it won't endure.  Best of Success to you, Nicole - Joan DuNard

@ Amber

I currently recruit for clients.

@ Joan

Thank you for the words of advice! As I'm working with a start up, we are toeing a fine line between monetary gains and self-fulfillment.  I appreciate all of the positive support!

Hello Nicole,

Welcome to the world of recruiting! I've been recruiting for a little over 11 years and still love and get excited about what I do. Although I'm not new to recruiting I'm new to blogging. I'm trying to stay current with social media and new recruiting tools that are constantly developing.

A few tips that come to mind is to get on the phone and call companies to develop a good client list, in the beginning you should be doing nothing but calling on new clients, go after your own clients other than try to work on your co-workers job orders, this way you can develop a better relationship and have more control over your placements.

When calling, believe it or not you can leave a message, I've gotten job orders by leaving a message more than once.

Keep calling, they can always hear in your voice you are new in the beginning and are not as responsive as they will be in a few weeks.

This is one profession that people are willing and open to speaking with you without hanging up the phone. They need you!! 

Always plan your day before you leave the office so when you get to work you aren't wasting time figuring out how to get started. In other words have a list of companies ready to call for the next work day.

Try and be organized with your candidates by having a good system or CRM in place to keep track of all of your candidates. After years of recruiting you want to be able to track your candidates without wasting a lot of time. I was a mess since the internet wasn't as developed as it is now.

I'm a talker and have much more to say but I'll leave it at that for now.

Good luck!


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