Do you remember being a young professional? Maybe you still are one - maybe you still feel like one, I know I do. Some of you may have had a couple of different careers already or are getting ready to make a change soon. One thing I remember from when I was a young employee was always being thankful for Friday. It was always my favorite day of the week. And of course, we all know why. Because everybody's working for the weekend.

While I still enjoy Fridays, they are no longer my favorite day of the week. Some time ago, I fell in love with Mondays. Yep, that's what I said. I love Mondays. I think that was about the same time that I fell in love with my job. Mondays mean I get to be back at it - have another chance at success. Yes, every day can represent that chance but there is just something about a fresh start, a clean sheet of paper, a new slate, a clean office, a Monday morning inbox and being reunited with office mates or even friends (gasp) with whom you work.

Friday is the take-a-breath day. It's the day to follow up or let down. It's the day to straighten and prune or relax and party. It is the "say goodbye to another week" day. I may be a bit strange (I am sure most agree) but I almost dread Fridays. And that dread usually hits me at about 3pm on Thursday when I realize I have only one more day to address the work on tap for this week. It's been quite a while since I thought of Monday as manic, except when I had a research paper due that I hadn't yet started.

By Sunday night, I start to feel out of sorts, like something is missing. The laundry is done, the car has been washed. The dogs are on my last nerve, the kids are restless and I am well rested. And I am tired of the proverbial rocker. I study a bit, I hit facebook and then I sit down to write. And the melancholy hits me, at almost the exact same time every Sunday. And I think I may have figured it out..., I am hyper. That and I love to work.

Yesterday afternoon, I met my friend, Claudia Faust, at the pub by my office. She has been on a road trip for the last couple of weeks and was passing through my neck of the woods with her son, Chris. We spent a couple hours catching up which included laughing at our A.D.D. and ability to multi-task - a definitive symptom of an active recruiter and burgeoning entrepreneur. See? That's it. That's why I love Mondays, that's why I love to work and why I dread Fridays. I just don't have a choice.

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I've been to that Cracker Barrel 8-)  What are you nuts? You REALLY need to get a drink & relax! Of course we all want to take care of business, but, really, you have to appreciate the weekend! There has never been a headstone saying," I wish I had spent more time working" Take the time to smell the roses, enjoy the kids, recharge the batteries; then come back to your precious Monday ready to change the world!
One of my favorite movies is City Slickers. I've often thought about that "one thing", trying to figure is it God, family, love? The more I live & the harder I work, I've come to realize, I think it's BALANCE. Being able to control the ups & downs, in & out, & all the other clichés about how life can knock you around, but you are able to rebound; come down to focus & being able to balance priorities.
Anyway, I think you get my point, I'll quit while I'm a head & sign off with this thought, "TGIF"!
I totally agree. I agree so much i actually registered to be on this site. I love work and making deals. That is what i do, and typically Fridays are depressing. Well enough of this: Have a great weekend!

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