Oh, Puleeeeze, Let's not start the "If you are not nice to ME you are rude bully " stuff again!

The internet being a free and open forum does not dictate that everything any of us flop out there has to loved, liked, respected and responded to in pear shaped tones with little smiley faces.


If we post a blog/discussion that is a blatant ad for something we are selling it is in fact an ad.  If everyone used the blogs and the forum to promote something they were trying to sell no matter how exicted about it we may be. the entire site would be a boring collection of free advertising that nobody would read.  If any of us want to sell something we should buy advertising on the site or post a link in the area designated for promtion of tools etc.  That's a no brainer and any business professional should know that without being told.


Yes, newbies do jump out there , thinking "wow what a great place to talk about my product" for free to thousands of recruiters.  Think about it before you flop it out there.  Making great claims that your product is the end all to be all for the recruiting world , such as eliminating the need for cold calls will of course generate a lot of discussion and derision.  If you are going to claim it for free, defend it for free instead of throwing a fit and calling those who took exception , called you out for an ad, "rude, bullys with too much time on their hands" then serving notice that you are going to stamp on them.

You want to stamp, ok , bring it.


Yes, comments can be moderated but as in any other venue of human communication there are going to be people who don't like what any of us have to say.  If we are so thin skinned that we have a burning need for total approval of everything we have to say, don't want to engage in anything but polite conversation then perhaps Sunday school is a better venue.  Rather than moderating and filtering so that only the "nicey nice" stuff is allowed to appear either don't post it or simply close comments.  But if we do, expect people to post another answer if they can not engage within your post.


It's my take that if i flop something out there in a public venue and somebody wants to disagree, take umbrage or i piss them off , have at it.  If i can't take the heat i'll stay out of the furnace.  In my opinon anyone taking offense at anything i write is not attacking my ability, character, or me personally just what i put out there for human consumption.  Communication is not always politically correct nor in my opinion should it be.  I got out of grade school years ago into the real world where discourse is varied, opinionated and interesting.  Anyone who takes issue with what i say is not bullying me and i don't need to whine like a ninny or get my knickers in a knot.  It's up to me to defend , ignore or not.


If i reach the point that i have to throw a fit, demand that my posts be well received or i be contacted personally by anyone who doesn't like what i have to say then i am demanding that everybody has to agree with me publically, which in my opinion is not only not the real world it's childish.  I don't moderate comments because to me it's like a kid sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, "La, La, La, i can't hear you.  Nor do i take comments down if i don't like them unless the orginal poster is removing responses in a passive aggressive manner to make mine look as if they are out of context.    In my world a card laid is a card played.  If i decide i'm wrong i'll say so instead of trying to make it look like i never said it or in the case of postings wrote it.



Just sayin and it's just my opinion, if you don't like it fire away. 



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Yope! Totally with you along the entire way.
The aforealluded to blogger sent me an email wanting to know if my picture were really me. I responded both to his latest fussy blog and via his wall ,both moderated, yes Virgina, "my picutre is my picture." Now that's strange, and no it's not a glamor shot it was taken with a cell phone, used for an ad campaign and no i have not been botoxed or stapled, folded or mutilated by any kind of surgical procedure but why do you ask?

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