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Jerry, You KNOW where this one belongs!?
Maureen - this is the guy who started the threads a month or two about "is it OK to charge candidates?" which is just something that particularly struck me as w.r.o.n.g.

So I see Rick is back again - oh boy - with a newsblurb on the success of charging candidates for names they could easily find on their own. Didn't care to read it. Just thought I'd flag it.

Nice ad Rick.
Bad guys. Bad guys.
Whatcha' gonna do?
Whatcha' gonna do
When you find yourself
In the poo-poo-doo?

That didn't take too long now, did it?
I'm still not sure of our mission. Maybe I'll send a message to the group.........
I am officially declaring war on this kind of stuff.

"Difficult and time consuming" to find a contact name and email address? That's complete crap.

I let the last post go and I also let the troll who joined the site at the time to add a positive comment to the post Rick put up but not this time.

I have been rather quietly doing free online job presentations the past month as an extension of what I am doing locally. I have been doing job search presentations for free for 7 years. FREE!!! Why? Because it only takes 6-90 minutes of my time to help groups of 20-200 learn how to do an effective job search.

I already was working on a tutorial on how to find contact names and email addresses. I guess I better hurry up and get it done.

Later today the writer of the article is going to get an email from me, should be interesting.

Disclaimer, of the 4 presentations I am doing at some one point will have a a fee, likely the LinkedIn for $25, to cover the costs of what I have been doing. Much, much less than the $50-$150 going rate I am seeing. And I guess all I need to do is teach someone how to find 3 names/email addresses and attendees will come out ahead on the transaction.
I am quite confident many "recruiters" who now find themselves lacking in skills a client would find valuable are looking for ways to stay afloat. So I at least can empathize with this guy.

What I find annoying is coming here and referring us to an article he had put out by (I'm assuming) a friend in the media.

( my best Simon Cowell voice......) It's just amateurish and boring.
I get the idea of needing to stay in the game. The only reason I survived the last recession was because I was single, no kids, no mortgage. My mind set was that I was going to scrape by and come out the other side.

Thankfully I am in a much better position than I was then. Times are tough, no doubt.

And I get the idea of providing a service to a job seeker. But at least have provide some reasonable value. Sure that depends on the eye looking at it and I guess that is where the debate is.

Geez, maybe I should start posting all the local print and TV stories I have been in and not on my RBC blog like I infrequently do (and where it should go) but here on a discussion forum so it sticks around a while and people can find out how cool I think I am.
Like I said before, it is utterly disgraceful and gives a bad name to the people behind this idea. He gets his buddies who are unemployed to back him up with more public relations postings as well.

Hey Rick if you can't be ethical in your work, then find something else to do. The deception will come back to bite you in the end, you can't escape it.

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