So what are folks thinking? Going to hold true to form with everyone chasing the guns of Philly? Looks like the Rays are going to be in a battle Jon. I know Bill is happy the Yanks came out strong tonight after rain delay ; )

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the thread is dead to me ; )


I will pull for the Cards though only because I love the RBC!

NLCS - beer wins

Nice work Cards!

The prognosticators had it right about the Cards not earning the Wild could they based on their record and the records of the front-runners? 

When the Cards won the Wild Card spot the prognosticators ranked them next to last for a chance of getting a ring...based on the remote possibility of getting past the Phillies.

Now that the Cards, with and with out the squirrel, got past the Phillies--what will the progsters say on that stunner?

All I can say is, "Underdogs have this uncanny way of defying the logic." VBM said.

Yeah, Tim--It was nice work.  The Hal-man essentially shutdown the Card's scoring machine, but The Carp shutout the favorite team in the he worked all NINE against the biggest bats in the line-up in the bottom of the 9th.  I know you watched and, like me, probably thought--movie scripts spin these kind of stories because they have to be fiction...starting with the premise that the St. Louis Cardinals are not supposed to be in the playoffs. 

Yet they are...and it's exactly why I can't get excited about a Yankee dynasty (with the exception when Tino Martinez played for them...then I was a fan because I had to support my twin brother).  I'm for the underdog all the way. 

Team sports.  Go figure.

If this thread is dead for's very much alive for me and anyone who likes the kind of game that is decided by the last pitch and the last at-bat. post yesterday has not shown up here yet but is partially posted on my "you" area on RBC as: "The prognosticators had it right about the Cards not earning the Wild could they based on their record and the records of the front-runners?  When the Cards won the Wild Card spot the prognosticators ranked them next to last for a chance…" ,

Just wanted to add how interesting how many MLB commercials are running now featuring players/teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs.  NY Yankeesin particular w/A-Rod no less.

Now my two recent posts are not registering from Sat and today...Blah.
Drat! Brewers win the first one.
OMG! Nelson Cruz Grand Slam ALCS vs. Detroit just now...7-3 TEXAS wins!
1st Walk-off Grand Slam in post-season history. SWEET!
Cards are sending a msg to the brew the 7th 11-2 and climbing.  Albert is the man tonight.
The Mang was in Beast Mode last night.  It seemed like Milwaukee just gave up towards the end except for Prince Fielder.  No one can hit a ball as hard as he does.

Honus Wagner Baseball Found at Yard Sale


The Audi commercial, now showing during the American League Championship Series (ALCS) Baseball Playoffs--featuring a muddied Honus Wagner’s autographed baseball being used as a chew-toy for the family dog is funny and attention getting.  But I predict some of the attention Audi will be getting will be unappreciative.  Particularly from fanatical baseball fans who may catch the commercial and understand that a baseball god has been disrespected. 

Honus Wagner, for the uninformed, “…won eight batting titles, tied for the most in NL history with Tony Gwynn. He also led the league in slugging six times, and in stolen bases five times.

In 1936, the Baseball Hall of Fame inducted Wagner as one of the first five members. He received the second-highest vote total, behind Ty Cobb and tied with Babe Ruth. Although Cobb is frequently cited as the greatest player of the dead-ball era, some contemporaries regarded Wagner as the better all-around player, and most baseball historians consider Wagner to be the greatest shortstop ever. Cobb himself called Wagner "maybe the greatest star ever to take the diamond.” (Wikipedia)

So for Audi to play its car commercial using Honus Wagner memorabilia in such an interesting but disrespectful way just to sell cars and cap that by the words… “True greatness should never go unrecognized” is insult to injury.  A comparable insult would be like throwing the Dead Sea Scrolls into the fireplace for warmth on a chilly night (not really but close).

Nice start for Cards...4 to Zip...1st Inning vs. MilWaukee
WOW!  The 4 runs in the first inning held up through 8 scoreless innings for the Cards - winning 4-3 over the Brewers.  SWEET!

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