Sometimes, I can be obsessed.  My children and close friends are laughing at this, because there really is no "sometimes" about it.  But the truth of it is, I usually focus on two or three things to become, and then remain, obsessed about for a while.  I have already openly admitted, in this forum,  to my obsession with my mobile device.  And there are a few other things that plague my mind constantly.  I am ready to admit another here:  I pluck my eyebrows, daily.  I am okay with admitting this. 


I think I can pin down the moment, twelve years ago, when I became obsessed with perfect eyebrows.   My ex said to me, "Look at Faith Hill's eyebrows.  Aren't they pretty?  Look how they arch perfectly..." And that is all it took.   I wanted Faith Hill's eyebrows.  I wanted my husband to think my eyebrows were pretty, too.  Lame, I know.   But it is what it is.  I have become less obsessive than I used to be, mostly because I recognize the issue I have and I don't want to have an issue.  I can assure you, however, that I am not the only woman with an eyebrow obsession...


Ten years ago, when I was working as an executive recruiter, I was equally obsessed with leaving my desk spotless.  At the end of my workday and before I would leave for home, I would remove any excess material/papers, stack and straighten every "search record" on my desk and prep for the morning, my blank call record for next day - a pen placed neatly on top and my computer completely shut down, no programs left running. 


Sadly, that perfect desk at the perfect job ended very messily.  And that changed my perspective.


Ask anyone who knows me now, today?  Trust me, I no longer have this obsession.  My home office desk is a mess (I'm working on it) and my desk at work - don't even ask...  I have relaxed considerably and though I am almost completely virtual, I still scribble notes on yellow pads and I have files folders for everything.  I am working to de-mess my desk, but I don't want to be obsessed like I once was, I want a healthy balance.  The first step is admitting the problem, right?


And then, once you admit it, it is time to make a decision.  Will I change the way I have been doing this?  Or do I enjoy my life now and the mess isn't hurting anyone, especially not me.  You know what?  Life is messy and my eyebrows are going to keep growing.  I am not afraid of parameters, but I am also not afraid of not having parameters -  I am afraid of having that fear.  So when I am prompted, when it is time, my desk will be organized once more.  For now, I will enjoy the peace and I will bless the mess.


by rayannethorn

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Good post....  (and nice eyebrows :-)

 Fabulous post! Like most of us, you are "Perfectly Imperfect".  Wonderful to be able to embrace it, right?
Rayanne I had to laugh because I share your eyebrow obsession.... it's the first thing I check when I look at pictures of myself.  "how are my eyebrows?"  lol if I was stranded on a desert island I would need my phone, tweezers, and my beloved eyebrow pencil! lol Whew I feel better admitting to that.  Thanks for the free therapy!

Fantastic article.

I belong to your obsessive about eyebrows club, I can never get them as nice as Faith Hill's though (one day)... I guess that is why eyebrow pencils are a wonderful thing (definitely in agreement with Amy). 

I like to think of my desk as an organized mess and my colleagues make fun of my mess of post its.

Life is about balance. Parameters needs to be pushed, but I guess that is what makes things exciting. 

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