Hello everybody,


After countless hours of viewing blogs, visiting sites and watching demos, I am still struggling to decide on the “ideal” software to utilize for my recruiting efforts.

Hoping that  you can recommend any based on the following criteria:

  • I’d prefer a desktop solution with mobile phone syncing capabilities(via usb or a web connection to my pc) and virtual backup/ access options rather than a 100% web based system. The idea of a 100% web based system where I have to log in to access my own business on somebody else’s server terrifies me.
  • Full Dashboard to include, Candidate Tracking, Client Marketing & Management, Interviewing tabs
  • Enabled for quick data migration and parsing, compatible with Broadlook, eGrabber or Autosearch
  • Compatible with Windows 7 PC, Windows 7 Mobile or Android Mobile
  • Outlook integration or a similar UI able to completely able to replace Outlook
  • Excellent to “good” customer support and strong history (no sense learning to depend on software or a company that won’t be around in 3 yrs.)

 I am strongly considering the following:

  1. Maxhire
  2. Darwin

 I also like the look and apparent “feel” of :

  1. Cluen
  2. Big Biller
  3. Sendouts
  4. C-Biz
  5. Gopher


Darwin, C-Biz, Big Biller, and Gopher all have free trials but I don’t have the time to download and test them all. Most importantly; I want honest feedback from consumers who’ve had experiences with the above software, not just salespeople.

A million thanks in advance for your help.

Any suggestions?

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We currently use Maxhire.  We like it a lot and it does have a lot of the features you mention above.  I have to say it is one of the ugliest user interfaces I have seen, however, the integration with outlook put it over the edge.  We narrowed it down to Sendouts, Bullhorn (my personal favorite from the demos) and Maxhire.  I am not familiar with Darwin.




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