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I represent a network of several thousand Oracle Professionals (includes Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Hyperion and all other Oracle acquisitions. I only represent highly experienced and talented Oracle Professionals.

I know that you are busy, but you can help by forwarding this message to the appropriate person on your Team. Come on. “Pay it Forward”.

So, if you need a resource, please consider using one of our Oracle Professionals. I promise we will exceed your expectations.

This paper describes our Oracle Contractor Placement Services (OPCS) and is intended for Oracle Professionals looking for Contract Work, Recruiters and/or Hiring Managers for end clients that need Oracle Resources.

If you fall into one of these groups, please review this message. If you don’t please forward it on to Oracle Professionals looking for Contract work and Recruiters and hiring managers who may need an Oracle resource.

Share with your Connections
As a large network of professionals we are linked to thousands of other professionals. Please take a few minutes to help other professionals by sharing this with your connections and encouraging them to share it with their connections.

It’s like “Pay It Forward”.

I can find other Oracle Professionals to help me screen the candidates if the volume becomes more than I can handle.

• Mission Statement
• Note to Recruiters/Hiring Managers for End Clients
o Purchase Services at Wholesale Rates
• Note to Recruiters
o Our Markup
o Your Compensation
o OIC LLC Job Board
o Help Us Help Others
• Oracle Contractor Placement Services (OCPS)
• Requirements of Contractor
o TFI Resources
o Good Communication Skills
o Cover Letter
o Resume
o Experience
o Education
o Professional Credentials (Not Required)
o Join LinkedIn.Com
• Let’s Connect (Not Required)
• Self-Paced Study Program (Optional)
• Summary

Mission Statement
We leverage technology and the resources, experience, education, talents and motivation of our member consultants to increase their revenues and/or decrease their costs, provide them with the tools and resources they need to continuously improve their skill set to provide exceptional quality, service and value to our customers.

Note to Recruiters/Hiring Managers for End Clients
Recruiters/Hiring Managers working directly with end clients of Oracle Application and/or Technology products and services and purchase the services of our highly experienced and talented Oracle Professionals at wholesale prices.

Purchase Services at Wholesale Rates
We markup our consultants rates 13% for contracts executed directly with an end client. We have to pay 8% to FYI Resources, which is our employer of record and provides all payroll and billing related services. The OIC LLC earns 5% for providing placement services. You will know exactly what we pay our Oracle Contingent Employees.

Note to Recruiters
I decided to send you exactly the same information that I send to Oracle Professionals looking for Contract work. I did this because I wanted you to see my requirements. I absolutely won’t place bodies. I will provide you with highly experienced and talented Oracle Professionals with cover letters and resumes that will help you increase success rate in placing Oracle Professionals.

Our Markup
I markup our consultants’ rates 8% to cover the costs of TFI’s fees to fund the payroll and provide all payroll and billing related services.

Compensation for You
You and I will equally share the markup to the end client. Because we operate as a virtual Oracle Consulting Firm, our overhead is very low. This enables us to pay our consultants a very competitive rate, enable you, the recruiter to earn your fair share and still offer our highly talented and experienced Oracle Professionals to our customers at very competitive rates.

I am also open to other suggestions to make this work.

OIC LLC Job Board
Recruiters can use our OIC LLC Job Board to review resumes of our Oracle Professionals looking for contract work and to post Oracle requirements for free.
Simply go to the Employers’ Login Page at and enter:

Email Address:
Your Password: oicllc

Click on Post a Job and create the Job Posting. You can click on My Job Postings to review the resumes for all candidates who applied for a specific job. You can also review the resumes of our consultants who are looking for work by clicking on the hyperlink to the job titled “Oracle Professionals Looking for Contract Work”.

If you don’t have time to post the requirements, please send them to me and I will post them for you.

Help Us Help Others
Please give us an opportunity to show you what we can do and help us help others at the same time. A significant number of Oracle Professionals are looking for work and I would like to have an opportunity to place some of these consultants.

Oracle Contractor Placement Services (OCPS)
This program is consistent with our Mission Statement. We leverage technology including Social Networking sites such as Ning.Com and LinkedIn.Com and the resources, experience, talents and motivation of Recruiters to effectively market and sell the services of our member consultants.

I am currently working with several LinkedIn connections to develop a strategy and plan that we can execute to place some of you who are looking for Oracle Contract opportunities. Obviously, we can’t guarantee you that we will place you, but we have every incentive to be successful.

Requirements of Contractor
I don’t have time to personally work with every Oracle Professional looking for work as an Oracle Contractor. Moreover, I want to build a Team of highly experienced and talented Oracle Professionals. Therefore, I will work with Oracle Professionals who meet the following requirements.

TFI Resources
All Oracle Professionals that we place on Oracle Projects will work as W-2 Contractors through TFI Resources, which is our employer of record and provides all payroll and billing related services. TFI pays all consultants weekly via a direct deposit. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to purchase Health Insurance Plans at group rates.

Good Communication Skills
I will only work with individuals who have good written and oral communication skills. I will review all cover letters and resumes. I will use these documents to assess your written communication skills. I may also give you a call to assess your oral communication skills.

Cover Letter
You need to prepare a cover letter that summarizes your areas of expertise, experience and interests. There are plenty of resources on the internet. If you cover letter doesn’t enable me to effectively market and sell your services, I can represent you. The items in your cover letter should tie back to your resume.

I review hundreds of resumes and most of them are nothing more than a collection of key words. After I review the review, I usually don’t have a clue what type of work the candidate really wants. You need to target specific types of activities.

Again, I don’t provide resume writing advice, but there are resources on the internet that you can use.

OIC LLC Job Board
I posted a job titled “Oracle Professionals Looking for Contract Work” on the OIC LLC Job Board. Please click on the hyperlink to this job and click on hyperlink for Apply to Job. Please create your resume AND your cover letter. Please read the notes and do not provide any personal contact information.

I will promote your services and provide recruiters with free access to my Employer account with Beyond.Com so that they can post jobs and review resumes from those of you who are looking for work.

You must have more than seven (7) years of “hands on” Oracle Application and/or Technology experience. Oracle includes Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Hyperion and all other Oracle acquisitions.

At a minimum you must have a Four (4) year college degree, preferably in Accounting, Finance, Computer Science, or Engineering.

Professional Credentials
I will give preference to those Oracle Professionals who have earned professional credentials such as OCP, OCM, CPA, CIA, CISA, CITP, CISM and CISSP.

Join LinkedIn.Com
I urge you to join LinkedIn.Com. It’s free. Setup your profile and ask some of your prior customers to write you a recommendation on your LinkedIn.Com profile. Your can review my profile at

Let’s Connect
If we are not connected already, I invite you to send me an invitation to connect with you. You can use my personal email address listed below. I want to be able to promote you as one of my direct connections.

Self-Paced Study Program
This is not a requirement, but if you are between projects, this is an excellent time to help relieve stress and anxiety by being proactive to improve your skill set. I put together an Oracle self-paced study program that includes all of the tools and resources you need. If you already have these resources, then you don’t need our program. You may not and this program is an inexpensive alternate to obtaining the following resources at retail prices:
• Access to our Oracle Metalink Account
• Access to our Oracle Partner Network (OPN) Portal
• Access to the Members’ Only Area of our Website
• Access to Oracle Vision Instances for Release and Release 12.0.4.
• Access to Oracle Tutor Author
• Access to Oracle User Productivity Kits
• Access to more than 70 Tutor Author Courses for R12
• Access to more than 125 Tutor Author Courses for R11i

Visit at

You already know that we are operating in a very tough environment. Take the time to package yourself for success by preparing high quality cover letters and resumes. I can market you more effectively if I know what you do and what you want to do.
You may have already sent your cover letter and resume to me. I have received a significant number and I’ll do my best to review them as quickly as possible.

Feel free to call me any time before 4 PM CST if you wish to speak directly with me.


Roger Drolet CPA, MBA, CISA, CITP
Oracle Independent Consultants LLC

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