I trust everyone has renewed their vow's of discipline, determination and tenacity in these historic economic times. I know I have. This week, I would like to share a simple yet bullet-proof objection handling platform that if internalized and role played, will begin to generate positive results. Objection handling is inherently similar to sales in that techniques will not automatically work everytime. What we are really after is an incremental uplift in results which will manifest over time with a large enough sample set.

Simply said, the more you use the it the greater your result will be however the gain may be imperceptible at first. So, pick a colleague, a cube mate or network friend from RecruitingBlogs and set a time each day to role play your top five objections. I would recommend spending 10 minutes a day, every day.

I would encourage all of you to email me or call who has interest in creating a role play mastermind. All who are interested email me: ron at episearch.com. I will organize the role play groups, call in numbers and times. Afer all, in these challenging times, our business at it's essence is people helping people, so why not take the time to help your colleagues.

Ron Mason Coaching- RPC Curriculum
Closing on Objection’s Track:

Handle the Objection:

Step 1: I completely understand. You probably have a good reason for feeling the way you do. Out of curiosity, do you mind if I ask what it is?

Step 2: What would be the major drawbacks if you did… or didn’t….?

Step 3: Is that the only thing preventing you from…?

Step 4: If I could show you that by doing what you are thinking of doing, you might be leaving a small fortune on the table, would you….?

Step 5: Review the applicable tipping point.

Step 6: Close

Happy Holiday's

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That is some good stuff Ron! Thank you.

I think for many of us the internet has allowed many of the techniques used in successful recruiting to be cast aside and we all need a solid review of what may be missing in our day to day tool box.

With so much of our contact being "virtual" these days usually the first objection shuts the recruiter down. In email format or on these wonderful social sites - the chance to rebut/counter does not come up as it would in the normal flow of a 2-way conversation.

So with that in mind we need to make sure to get on the phone with this great approach - and get out from "behind" our keyboards.

Great stuff!

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