Every corporate firm has rules over candidate ownership.... Does your firm have different ones, say versus a board candidate or a "recruited" candidate? A time period which if you call someone in the database, if someone else had some form of contact, who has the right to call? Have you ever met one of those people who troll your old work and make placements from it? Does your professional courtesy go beyond what the company asks? Do you think it should be less? Thoughts, Feelings, Humorous Comments? Also, if you can answer the questions or make your comments without using the letter "E", there will be extra points awarded.

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At my corp a canon is in-situ such that a submission from an outfit is that outfit's for six months
We use a period of one year from the last contact with the candidate. That seems fair.
Blast your contacts annually
My firm has a 90 day rule. Recruiters have to have some form of contact documented in the database on the candidate record shopwing you called them or emailed them in the last 90 days. If no contact within 90 days they are up for grabs to any recruiter. Although our recruiters are very conciencious about it. If you have placed someone in the past or submitted them to several jobs and have a good, documented relationship with a candidate, just because 90 days has past does not mean they should snatch them. We are all very fair about it....and no I have not worked with someone who trolls your work and makes placements from it (althought it does happen occationally). That person would not be thought well of at my company. If you can't treat your coworkers fairly and respecfully then that would make me question how fairly they are treating candidates and clients. We all work hard and what comes around goes around.
Splits is a good way

Someone needs to switch to Sanka....

Casey Morris said:

Candidate ownership can create some nasty 'dog in the manger' type situations between recruiters. I worked at a place with a B-player Recruiter who would never get around to talking to well qualified candidates and who wouldn't let anyone else talk to them either. Meanwhile the placement got made by another company...(sometimes with the very candidate in question).

I prefer the Account ownership system.

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