As a recruiter - would you rather take on a search competing with 2-3 other search firms at a fee of 20-25% or have an exclusive search at a lower fee (ex. 17%)?

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I am for the exclusive all day long.......
Well Jeff, you've just nicely validated my point about the arrogance and contempt many retained recruiters hold for their contingent counterparts. More to the point you've also demonstrated a personal contempt and lack of respect for other peoples choice of how they conduct their business and how they wish to work. My sense is you're not a very professional person I'd ever want to do business with, and I'd guess others here who have common goals and have read your rantings might feel the same. With over forty years in the business I've seen and heard a lot of your type over the years, and know for sure what you say about us, says far more about you, than it does about us!

I do both retained and contigency Jeffrey.  I honestly prefer contingency.  Where you got the idea that most recruiting was retained prior to the 80's has not been my experience.  I worked for one of the founding members of Napes when i first started the real oldtimers were delighted to get a fee paid by a company and if they could get a 60 day exclusive to fill something they thought that was a killer deal.


For the record we fill a lot more than 20% of the jobs we have listed.  It's more like 80%.  I get all the attention and more sometimes from my clients than i sometimes want.  I even get to hear them bitch when the CEO gets convinced to hire a retained firm.


Here's the deal Jeff.  I don't denigrate folks who do retained and like it that way.  How about your get off your high horse before that sucker runs under a tree limb and dumps you in the dirt.  Recruiting ain't McDonalds, you cain't have it your way just cause you like it that way.  If it's making you money, your clients are happy and i'm making money and my clients are happy, how about you just STFU and we'll all be happy. 


Back to the original question.  Exclusive in my book is only lead time.  Since i work pretty fast i would rather just keep the fee where it is and fill the job.


I don't know anything about your underwear but i sort of think your attitude needs changing it seems to have a bit of a gamey smell.  I have never had the feeling that i had to force a client to work with me in a cooperative manner.  maybe it is your underwear.  :)

Jeff -  We're done-

Jeff Dalberg said:

@ Al - I love it when someone like yourself makes assumptions. I respect the views of eveyone and simply made comments based on facts which I mentioned. In some cases even given sources other than just stating what I thought. I challenge anyone to give me facts that did not come from only their own experiences. It is easy to say something based on your experiences or gut feelings and give no proof to back it up. If you want to know the truth concerning arrogance I mostly hear it from people who use their time in the business as some sort of proof of fact. You could have been the worst recruiter in the business for forty years for all I know. Then again  you may be one of the best. Whey don't  you provide facts and references so I can have more than just your oppinion to base the conversation on.

I also think it is very odd when someone thinks they are speaking for the group as if they were elected. Arrogance comes from assumption of status. If you knew me  you would find someone who love a good debate as I feel this is the way to really find out fact as people tend to dig in much harder and wiil usually provide proof which is very useful. You oviously resort to personal attacks. The back and forth comments between one of the other people on here was stated as humor/fun and not personal. You of course chose to only read into that what you wanted to. Had they made an issue of it I would have stopped and digressed.

Arrogance comes with the assumption of power or position. I can clearly reconize this site would offer neither of these. So what would be gained? You however made it known that you speak of the others here. Hummm, who is taking the positon of power or position here?

Get a grip, get clue and get a life.

Have another drink Jeff.  I don't know what an "emptional bebate" is.
Obviously I hit a nerve and Jeffy boy doesn't appreciate my sense of humor. There are things I find interesting too Jerry, Jeff doesn't use the company logo any longer instead of a pic. I am beginning to wonder if Jeff is really who he purports to be. He seems to be combative on multiple posts. A lot of responses are somewhat disjointed. He is starting to give legal advice. He purports that contingency recruiting has devalued an industry that he has only been involved with for a little over three years or so it indicates on his linked in profile. Somewhat different than some of "facts" he has put forth here. He seems to have some cognitive disconnects while wanting "facts" rather than evidence based reporting.

Does this remind anyone of a couple of folks who are no longer with us?

Maybe Jeffy is a fignewton of his own imagination. Just an observation or maybe he just has a world class hangover and his vision is a little blurred.

Al says, He's done! Jerry thinks he's a rude little kid. Tom thinks he's a weird character. I in my aged wisdom have made an executive decision as I suspect others have made in the past. Jeff's chair is empty.

I'm hittin the thrift store before he gets all the good stuff. :)
I'm waiting for Free Speech and The Columbine Pledge.
I do as many exclusives as possible and generally only take on searches I know I can fill and where there are either no other recruiters (exclusive) or just one or two on the search. I don't like to waste my time.  I've also been doing this for 16+ years now and after a while you get a sense for what is worth working on.

I'm suspecting you come on here to rant and rave about your way or the highway w/o worrying about anyone finding it since you're name is not spelled correctly.


I'm no longer interested in how your name is spelled.  Never really was I guess.  As far as I can tell you are a fake and I'll just go with that.


The decompensation is complete.  Phony as a three dollar bill.  "and no facts whatso ever yet he kept going on and on".  Empty chair. Alpha Omega.

And unless i miss my guess.  This is not a guy.  My guess is an alcoholic or a female nut off her meds.

 Note Caps and change of font, miss spelled words transposed.  Posts about EEOC rules and regs.

No guy throws a fit about being bullied or talks about his alcoholic daddy.  Ewwwww

"No guy throws a fit about being bullied or talks about his alcoholic daddy.  Ewwwww"


Maybe he's in touch with his feelings, LOL


I like the "former member in disguise" angle too.. I have a good guess as to which.


RBC - We know drama.

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