Question of the day: What social media buzzword irks you the most?

From today's RBC Daily:

What social media buzzword irks you the most?

This question stemmed from a Twitter exchange last night, but I have to be honest in saying I really don't like referring to your Twitter followers as 'twit fam'. Maybe cool for 15 y.o. , but when the Dick Vitales of the world use it...........

Well you get my point. Your turn.

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I don't know if this qualifies as a SM buzzword but it drives me nuts. "Ping", as a verb. Let me "ping" someone. Apparently that is a way to get in touch with someone via email, instant messaging or maybe even phone, I'm not sure. All I know is every time someone says it I want to flick them in the forehead.

I guess I'm getting tired of hearing the word "viral". Should something that becomes massively popular be termed viral? Is there a massively popular virus out there that we are all just dying to get? Either personally or technologically? Why don't we just say that someone's stupid but funny video went spiral? As in spiraling up into massage distribution and popularity. After all, it's a word that has the same "musical" feel-good phonetic as viral. Maybe it's just not edgy enough for the tattered youth slang-machine.

Oh yeah, that reminds me of another one, vlogging. A perfect case of trying too hard. Does video blogging really need to be shortened like this? I guess the cool thing about most social media buzz words is that when they're new you can use them to get that quizzical look from those that haven't heard them yet and score one more point in the game of I'm-better-than-you-because-I-knew-the-new-buzz-word-before-it-had-buzzed-into-your-out-of-touch-world. But once it's out there about 2 weeks and your mother is using it, you really need to move on.

sub-question - will using these words raise your Klout score?? :)

@Doug - I always felt "viral" was bad... it sounds too much like catching a cold - why would you WANT that?

yeah, "viral" sort of feels like the flu or sick!

viral=a social disease.


woot =makes me think of an elephant fart


My PB = so why are you talking about your peanut butter?


SoMe = So you what? Sew Buttons on a turtle's head?


IRL, MHO = huh?, what  happened to the rest of the alaphabet or can that stand for whatever i want it to be. In Republican Lexicon Many Home Owners...ok i get it. i am now among the "cool troops".

Viral looks like a winner.

@Sandra SoMe...LOL don;t even know that one, but your woot comment made me spit out my water.

Keep'em coming....



Well, sorry to say, but the buzzword "Social Media" is at the top of the list of irritating words.

Branding, Going Green and Incentivizing grate on me too.   Wow, I sound crabby!!   :) 

I just got a promotion email from Klout and I'm going to add "Perk'd" to my list.

@Tracey - it is OK to be crabby on this thread ; )

Viral may sound like a sickness but it is accurately descriptive.  "Like us" rubs me the wrong way.  Sounds desperate.  

Social media as a buzzword bugs me...
As if all the media so far were antisocial..haha

How about a tweet that says, take a minute to like our facebook profile.  Look you pitiful, insecure nerd.  I already took a second to see you begging for somebody to like you.  Now i have to take a second to get you out of the twitter stream, you whiney pitiful bitch.


I love the guy who bills himself as "Mr. Linkedin".  He is a counseling minister.


Then there is little honey who says she is the most connected woman on Linkedin...I have a life cupcake, i wouldn't tell anybody that i had hit accept 30 thousand times.  You may uber connected (that's another one) but i bet your finger nails look like you have been out scratching gravel for a living.  Or you are giving away what a lot ladies on Craig's list are selling.


Don't get me started again on "Branding".  You dumb ass you are not branding, you are promoting your disgusting self.  You brand something once when you name it and then you advertise , promote, build the reputation for your brand.  Frankly i think you are "bathrooming" all over your self.  There's a verbing for you.


Tracey, i join you with "going green".  That normally happens to people when they take too much vitamin C or some other meds.  If you are going green for god's sake go to the doctor, it could be a serious kidney problem.


To Klout:  do you realize that your cutesy mis spelling of the word is going to cause a whole generation to fail their spelling tests.  However i give you a big woot for being able to capitalize on narcissistic adolesence of thousands of people over 21 who will actually put in print.  "I just gave Judy Sue +klout for branding and going green on SoMe, Woot":


Does Peerindex have anything to do with  a list of who got caught windo peaking the most times?

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