Question of the Day: What word or phrase do your candidates use that drive you crazy?

In follow up to today's RBC Daily:

There was an interesting Marist poll released last Friday that listed the most annoying words in English conversation. Any guesses on the winner? "Whatever" topped the list at 38% from the national poll. Others that made the list were “like”, "you know", and "seriously".

As recruiters we talk to numerous people day in and day out so it makes for a great question of the day: what word or phrase do your candidates use that drive you crazy and are akin to nails on a chalkboard

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I can't stand when candidates say "You know" - I want to scream "No I don't know - that's why we are speaking" - the other one that drives me crazy is "that type of thing" - I had a candidate say that 40 times (I counted) during an interview.

Any cliches!  "It's not rocket science"; "Value-added"; "Outside the box thinker"; "Problem-solver"; "I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel."


So many and so little room. My all time favorite is "Orientated" of course there are those who "stood at home today" and some who do not know how to "programize a phone".  I agree with Lisa "you know' and of course "like" are big culprits.  I also agree with Kelly about Cliches "I am a team player", “I work well with people”.

I can't stand "basically" every time I hear it I automatically think they're lying, oh, and mutual terms.  Q "Why did you leave your last position? A "Basically I was their best employee, but they basically couldn't afford me, so I basically left, it was basically on mutual terms"

"like I said..." No you really didn't.  And although this isn't exactly an annoying phrase but I hear "but I'm a fast learner" a lot. And I seem to get a lot of throat clearers on the phone. THAT drives me crazy. Cover the phone if you have to do that!

"I'm a real people person"...Really can you explain further? Then I get the deer in the headligths blank stare...Come on we are a Global population of  X billion, unless you live and work in a cave, I expect you "to be good with people"..Oyyee

"Absolutely" nothing is absolute. Don't use the word when talking with me.

Too, when emailing or posting with "Thoughts?" I prefer,  "What are Your thoughts?" A command versus a question~

OR, using lots of !!!!! when trying to make a point. Drama Queens/Kings do this often.


@Brian - that one made me cringe just reading

Keep them coming everyone....great stuff thus you know....really good stuff....oh whatever ; )

"At the end of the day" drives me nuts.  I cringe every time I hear it.

Or, when people talk over the audience, as in "Use plainly understood terms rather than high brow terms" Nobody is impressed. It's about communication, not about proving anyone's command of language.

I cant give my entire problem list right now but I do know a few of the worst words and phrases offhand

- at the end of the day

- reach out

- leverage

- shit

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