Question of the Day: Would you participate in a weekly RBChat?

From Today's RBC Daily:

I’ve had several members reach out to me directly about RBChat and its status. The initial plan was to have a set time for community members to gather and interact in real time to discuss various recruiting topics. As you may know, the site’s chat functionality is always available but if there’s enough interest we can move back to a regularly scheduled format.


Question of the Day: Would you participate in a weekly RBChat?


If the answer is yes, please share your ideas and suggestions that would make it a worthwhile and productive feature for our community.

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When I first found RBC many years ago... The chat function was my favourite part and probably the best part of the website from building a community point of view

Yes, I would like to see a weekly chat. Perhaps the first chat a monitor or leader could pick the subject and before the end of the meeting we could collectively pick a topic for the following week.

I participate in the Boolean Strings chat which is held every other week. Great stuff on searches, tools, tips and tricks.


All the best,



Yes, but not on Monday or the first part of the week.  Time is also a factor.  Morning chats are difficult ,later afternoon might be better due to the different time zones.  Noon for you guys in Eastern time is the middle of the morning or earlier for a lot of us out west.  Busiest part of the day.  Don't know what that does to folks in the UK or the Aussies but might be something to consider as to day and time.

i thought there was one?

Definitely, I know there have been several people looking for it these last few weeks. If it is difficult for one person to lead it each week, maybe you could ask if others would be willing to do that on a rotating basis. I have always enjoyed the "regular" features you've had on the site - the former weekly chat, Sandra and Amy's column, RBC Question of the Day, etc.

p.s. Tim, you were doing an excellent job with the chat topics and leadership!

LOL Bill you made me spit water all over my monitor.   did you think they gave a chat and nobody invited you? Kidding,  There was but i think it died from lack of feeding sort of like "Sicky Stuff" did when Any and i got busy.

I thought Valentino had turned RBC into Pinterest this weekend.  :)

I miss Sticky Stuff. Oh, and the weekly chat too. Yes bring it back.

No I was invited. I just never got there on time. As you said, it's in prime time.
I didn't realize it had ended.
ValEntino keeps the lights on during the weekend.

I am in.. Lunch time either on the East Coast is best in my world, but i would do my best to be apart of it either way. 

I love this forum and since I wasn't around before the weekly chat went on hiatus I would have to say I am sure I could 

benefit huge from it.

Yep - Limey time for me though!

Thanks everyone for your feedback on this one. I will work on setting something up to make this work for all of us. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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