Today it was brought to my attention that two RBC members were sending out unsolicited network messages (marketing material) to other RBC members. I want to be very clear that this type of activity is not welcome. As recruiters we deal with a barrage of emails on a daily basis, none of us want to manage unwanted spam such as this.


On behalf of the RBC- I want to apologize to all memebers who might have received these type of messages. These two members have been removed from the network altogether. This type of activity will result in such action.


Please feel free to contact me directly at anytime if you feel you are getting these type of messages.


*Side note: If you are getting any emails sent to you out of the network, but directly to your email that make any reference to RecruitingBlogs.com please contact me immediately.


Thank you for making this community such a great resource. We will continue to wage the good fight in making the RBC a spam free network.



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[UPDATE 11/4/11] We are aware of a few members(myself included) receiving emails today out of network with a reference to 'recruitingblogs'. We are already in contact with NING to investigate matter and offer resolution. I apologize to any RBC members that have may have received this type of spam. I understand the frustration you rightly feel in receiving such emails to your already crowded inbox. I want to acknowledge that and let the entire community know that we are aware of the issue and taking steps to correct it.

That must be the "love note I got from Janet Williams this morning. I get these with Facebook links and linkedin references seems to just one of the things that happen when we have public email. Not sure what the purpose is but goes with the territory all over the net. :)

so weird I NEVER get these... not that I'm complaining.  :) Guess I just don't have that "customer" look about me.

Valentino Martinez said:


So you don't feel left out...here's some SPAM just for you.

This is actually the best kind of SPAM out there.  Having been raised in a family of 13...I can vouch for its

versatility.  Now it has a bad connotation.  The BAD SPAM would look something like this...




Amy Ala said:

so weird I NEVER get these... not that I'm complaining.  :) Guess I just don't have that "customer" look about me.

@Tino, not a famlily of 13 but fried spam and eggs was considered a treat on a cold morning before we climbed on a horse to ride 5 miles in the dark to move cows.  I still like the stuff that comes in the can but not in the mail.  All i have to do to send my kids to the nearest steak place is to pull out a can of spam.



Beef Jerky also has it place on the range, but Spam (fried or not) on a crispy tortilla with eggs, some pinto beans and red rice (chili for spike) some taters if you're feasting on the side--those were (are) staples where I come from.

Now I'm hungry all over again.

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