O.K.  I just had it happen to me.  I had to share.  If someone calls me, I usually will politely call them back.  Who knows?  Connections for the future at the very least. Right?

"Hi, Will.  I am calling because I have come across your resume and really like your background.  I think you would be a perfect fit! Please call me as soon as you get this.  This is an urgent need!"

I think, O.K.  I'll hear what she has to say.  I'm happy, but I'll listen.  She follows up with a professional e-mail also.  She must really need some help!

I call her back.  

"Where are you working today?"  I say XYZ company.  She says "Who is your Manager".  Wait- why is she asking me who is my manager?

She's fishing for leads!  Holy cow!  Are you kidding me?!  She knew I was working at a certain company and wanted an introduction.  Hell no!  Do people still do this?  C'mon- there is an easier way to get this information.

"So you do what again".  You called me!  Don't you know what I do?! "Oh- I see.. I don't know why my database pulled up your name.  I am looking for a help desk professional for $12 hour". 

Are you kidding me!  Then she says "Do you want me to continue interviewing you for future opportunities?"  I said, do you recruit recruiters?  "Well, not really.  Mostly IT folks.  I can have your information on file though."  

NO!  I don't want to be interviewed so you can get leads!

Then she sends me a follow up e-mail stating that if she could get references from my employer that would be great. 

Again, are you kidding me!

This really happened.  I had to share.  This is the worst call I have ever received in my professional career.

You want to know why recruiters get a bad rap?  THIS is why!!

Happy Friday.

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I like Amber when she said "keep it simple, direct, and honest".  I help people who just ask for help.  I don't help people who have some crazy sales tactic like the one pulled here to get referrals/ leads.  Have the experienced recruiters/ managers make calls and do it the right way rather than having a junior recruiter do it.  I pull no blame on the recruiter, but the firm that teaches this.  

Ryan Harding said:

Having come out of agency recruiting one year ago, I can tell you this is what they are teaching new people. Their view is the recruiters need to be responsible for lead generation! What better way to do that than turning references into leads and getting hiring manager information.

As always, Sandra, I love your responses!  I guarantee the newby would have wet their rompers!  :)  

Sandra McCartt said:

Here is another one that will send them to the showers and make their next call a bit scarey.

You get the phone message for Will, You call the number back.

Hi Judy Sue, you were calling for Will, may i ask what this is in regard to this is Jake Will's manager.

Oh Hi Jake you were the one i was trying to reach, I am Judy Sue with Over the top End on the Bottom recruiting.

Judy, let me stop you right there.  Will was fired last week for talking to a recruiter, all of our calls are monitored and not only do we not use recruiters who solicit our people but we are terminated if we speak with a recruiter. Were you the one who called him?  I am now required to speak with your manager and mine to report your call.  May i speak with your manager please?  Oh, he's out of the office ok , if you will give me his name and direct number i will pass on your name and your manager's name to my boss as i am required to do.  I am sure he will be in touch with your manager pretty quickly. 

You will either hear a "click" or some stuttering from a newby who has just wet her rompers.  So tell her to have a good day and expect a call from Mr. Snidely in the legal department.  When she runs to the idiot who is training her to make this kind of a call he will tell her that she didn't do anything illegal, if she is contacted to put the call through to him immediately.  She may believe him but it will forever affect her dreams and she will never be totally sure.

That is amazing.

I am of course bothered by the asking for references in the secondary email but I am even bothered by the original call. I think it's a personal pet peeve but I just cannot stand it when someone who has never ever spoken to me before, tells me...... "I would be a perfect fit" for whatever opportunity they are working on.

I never, ever say that, unless I have an extremely long relationship with the candidate and know them very well.

When I leave a message I always state something to the effect of, "I am working on this opportunity (brief high points) and based on your background I felt it may be of interest." Nothing more than that.

That's just terrible training in a multitude of areas.

I thought so too David.  You don't know if someone is a "perfect fit" until you know what the candidate is looking to do.  I would have been perfect if I was a 12hr help desk person... I guess :)

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