I'm about to invest in some Recruitment Certifications for some of my recruiters.  There are many out there and I'm not sure which ones are most beneficial.  It appears that the CSP/TSC are focused around Labor Laws which isn't really what I'm looking for.  I want a Certification that will help recruiters become better recruiters whether it's leveraging social media, following recruitment best practices, interview styles, or even red flags.  I've seen some pretty cool certifications through AIRS but I'm not too familiar with them.


Anyone have any recommendations?

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As you have discovered, there are so many different certifications in our industry that actually none of them mean much. The only people who understand any of them are other recruiters. The folks who offer the certsimly will hype you that their certsimly will make your recruiters more valued in the eyes of your client. They won't.

I think what you are looking for is just good solid training for your staff. There are good trainers. Just make sure that they are and have been working recruiters and not someone who has been marginal in the industry, bounced around from firm to firm then decided as a failed recruiter to teach others how to do it. There are many articles on RBC about traing and trainers. I would research those and not worry about certifications that will mean nothing in the marketplace.
Sorry about the strange words. No more posting from the iPad. That should be certs. Not certsimly. iPad is making up words and jumping all over the place like it's dyslexic.

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