I have seen quite a few postings lately about splits so I thought I would compare a couple of splits networks for you that seem to get a lot of attention these days here on the blogs. I compared BountyJobs.com, Dayak.com and TalentMaze.com

#1 Uniques visitors:

#2 Visits Monthly

#3 Page Views/Visit

I know from a few conversations with some of the people at these companies that the priority is signing up companies to post jobs. They are having no issues at all getting recruiters to join.

I want to know and I am still waiting to hear on average, how many candidates are being submitted for every offer generated. This would be a very important selling point to both company and recruiter. It speaks volumes for the mutual respect and ability both sides have to the recruiting process. I bet the number is way out of whack from what we are all taught which is submit three candidates and move on.

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Thank you for sharing this Jason! Great info. I am a believer in splits. My philsophy is "a little of something is better than a whole lot of nothing". Rayanne, what you say is so true. In my agency recruiting experience it has been a very competitive environment that ultimately does not serve the client in the long run.

My goal is client satisfaction. Who are my clients? Hiring companies AND Candidates! Both have needs and if I/we can play a part in creating a solution or filling a need for both, then that is total customer service and satisfaction AND goes a long way to establishing loyalty, retention, referrals and more business.
Okay, I wil step off my soap box....and Yes, I am open to splits!!

Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering which one you would pick based solely on the graphs? (anyone can answer).
he has not compared with hrvillage.in
Jason made the comparison with known Split Network companies in the US. If I where doing splits in India I would involve myself in popular networks there and make the comparison.



Racheal Benji said:
he has not compared with hrvillage.in

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