Hello.  We are a small, privately held IT Staffing firm and looking to replace our old out-dated candidate tracking system.  After wading through a list of a 140 or so options I've narrowed down my list to:
  • Bullhorn
  • JobDiva
  • Taleo
  • Sendouts
  • Maxhire
  • TargetRecruit
Would love to get feedback from others in the Staffing world on which tools they've used and prefer, what features really stood out that they actually got real world benefit from, customer service, etc.  If you've gone through a migration to one of these tools would love to hear how that went as well. 

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Rebecca  would love to get your  insight -- we are switching from  winsearch  and looking at maxhire, cbiz and sendouts..

im curious  how u plan your day out on  sendouts --  do u end up working from list or off the calender and with all of these programs its  seems you work from a list  which worries me as it seems as if candidates can fall through the cracks  if working multiple  jobs..  we are used to scheduling calls  and putting them pn the calender  and tied to a job--curious how we would need to change our workflow

Rebecca Jacques said:

Listen if you want a powerful system that will change your life, get Sendouts. We moved in November of 2008 to Sendouts from Bullhorn and haven't regretted the change once. In fact, I thank the big guy upstairs on a regular basis for the great choice we made. Sendouts integrates with your Outlook, it makes searching your database of candidates an easy job, and it directly interfaces with our web site. We can update our job board in real time and even get our jobs posted organically to search engines like www.indeed.com at no charge. We've built our candidate database by utilizing these tools at a record pace. Parsing resumes, job orders, or any other attachment is flawless and can be done with ease. Customer Service....a phrase I insisted was unheard of in the U.S. by most companies is still alive at Sendouts. This team works together and really loves helping their clients. They talk to each other and thus they all know what your needs are without having to update each person you speak to within their organization. Sales stays connected with you forever...because they get that they need to continue selling you and keeping you happy always. Bullhorn....well if I said anything here about them it wouldn't be nice. The number one story I can share with you about Bullhorn is about our departure from them. When we left working with them they reaffirmed our decision with every last interaction. They did the one thing I know is bad business in my opinion. They made it so that even if my new vendor didn't make me happy there was no way in hell I'd go back to them. Contact me if you want to know more about Sendouts....I have to go find me a candidate now or I'd go on forever about this great tool...

Great discussion here (minus the hijacking by BH).  I am also in the market for a new ATS and am looking at several of the options the OP listed.  

I know vendors don't like it but I prefer to hear what people DON'T like about a particular ATS.  I'll decide if that feature is important to me and if it should alter my list.  I can read all the positive stuff on their websites but it's the negative stuff that I want.

Anyway, I've scheduled demo's for Sendouts, CBIZ, MaxHire and Big Biller (not yet mentioned in this thread).  I'll surely provide my feedback as my search continues.  

For what it's worth...I know several successful boutique firms who use Bullhorn and love it.  I am a member of the National Insurance Recruiting Association and this is a topic that frequently comes up during our annual conventions.  For me...Bullhorn is just too expensive.  

We have been looking for  a new ATS  for awhile -   and hope to be settling on Cbiz --

Cbiz  doesnt  have the slick look of sendouts  but has 99% of the functionality and 100% of the functions we use and they are adding a few things for us that  sendouts, maxhire, bullhorn etc  dont have.  (We hope ot be up and running next week on CBIZ)

 When you  demo Cbiz (try to talk to Bryan wilson)  and make sure you  know what you want  and if you dont see the functionality you are looking for ask and they will most likely be able to do it.   

Cbiz: HIghlights

is quick,

easy to use and has the fewest clicks to move around,

HIGHLY customizable

uses the same resume parser as sendouts, maxhire etc


Negatives -

It does have the slick sendout look

doesnt auto  stamp your  resume when you are sending to a client

and a few other  minor issues  for our purposes

other then that we found it does just about everything  that was highly important to our daily workflow.


We did switch to maxhire for a week -  Program has great features but we found for the amount they were charging they could not do a suitable dataconversion from winsearch.  But even worse  once u got to use with your data  we found the solution had  the WORST workflow of any system --  u worked from multiple list, lot of clicking

If Cbiz  has problems with the data conversion we would move to Sendouts. If you are looking for simplicity - cbiz is easy,powerful and the most bang for your buck


Any question feel free to email or call me


Market share wise, the leaders for perm placement recruiting are PCRecruiter, Bullhorn, MaxHire, and Sendouts.  Each has a different array of features/costs/benefits.   The same issue can arise with ATS as with buying a musical instrument, surfboard, or other equipment used within a skilled performance;  what works OK when you are just getting used to it may be too limited or too tweaky for your general style.  

The most important part of the choice is your style: exactly what records and interfaces will you actually be drawing the most value from.  If you are a phone monster, you need good call planning, staging, and activity management.  If you do a lot with email, your email client integration will be key.  If you do a lot of posting and forwarding, your candidate submission workflow is key.   If you are just plain busy in all aspects, you want an app that is also solid in all areas. 

Buying a complex tool for a complex job with a one hour demo where someone else does the driving is not the most reliable way to choose, but its the most common......the smarter way is to take one out surfing for a day or two and see how it really rides....but few buyers and even fewer vendors are into that kind of selection process....    

We have been using ATS Talent Pathway for almost 6 months now, we integrated all our sales force data with "Talent Pathway" . I would recommend you to try it for one month free trial period, hence to decide prior to purchase.

Can you please check Talentnow RecruitX. RecruitX is a SaaS based ATS product from Talentnow which is built exclusively for recruitment agencies and staffing companies. 

It assists you to stay on top during the entire hiring process right from posting job ads to accepting applications, managing interviews, formatting resumes in standard formats for easy access, easy mail management including email template creation and everything in between.

For Free Demo Contact us on sales@talentnow.com

Pretty old post, but just in case if you are looking for something fresh in the market with good features, then check out Recruit CRM

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