Hello.  We are a small, privately held IT Staffing firm and looking to replace our old out-dated candidate tracking system.  After wading through a list of a 140 or so options I've narrowed down my list to:
  • Bullhorn
  • JobDiva
  • Taleo
  • Sendouts
  • Maxhire
  • TargetRecruit
Would love to get feedback from others in the Staffing world on which tools they've used and prefer, what features really stood out that they actually got real world benefit from, customer service, etc.  If you've gone through a migration to one of these tools would love to hear how that went as well. 

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do you use sendouts for CRM and how would you rate the CRM functionality?

Mark Abrahamson said:
I have worked with 4 of the ATS you mention. Sendouts is the most user friendly and superior ATS in my opinion.

I would recommend Sendouts. its very well structured and centralized with fully automated work flow technology. Do try them out.

i do not like Bullhorn

its very sectarian Rayanne- people take their choices personally. 

if you dont like hondas or chevys or athiests or olives, you dont need much detail for people to get what you are saying.  that's why it happens that every major system will have people saying its the best thing ever, bar none, OR that it's a huge insult to humanity and no doubt the worst effort ever assembled.

Both people will be able to make a strong case. 

It's one of the things that makes the business fun and interesting.  there is a lot of politcal content in deciding what tools will be used and how, and as much art as science. 

It's kind of sad that as systems evolve, fewer and fewer end-users of the data and processes are human.... but thats the way the technology cookie crumbles. 



Since this was originally posted last February if Jasen hasn't made a decision by now he doesn't really need one of these gizmos.  I realize others may be looking for the same answers..just sayin.

Hi Jasen,

I’m Julie Deane, an independent recruiter (jdeanejobs.com), and over the past two years, I’ve also headed up creating Jobboo, a new and innovative shared candidate database for small recruiting firms like mine.


Shared candidate database for small firms

I’ve put everything into Jobboo that I knew I needed to be more productive—an applicant tracking and sharing system with easy data transfers and  parsing along with a job sharing forum.  And, I made sure that small businesses could afford it.


One-year membership for feedback

I’m sending this to you, frankly, because I think you’re an industry influencer and I’d love to hear your opinion about my new site. I also see you're researching other applicant tracking systems.


Will you review Joboo?  If the answer is yes, (thank you, thank you!), you’ll receive a free Jobboo one-year membership—worth $799.  If you don’t think you’re a fit, could you refer someone you think might be interested in helping?  E-mail me at jobboo.org@gmail.com.


Thanks so much.  I’m really interested in what you have to say about Jobboo.


Julie Deane


JDeane Restaurant Services, LLC

Our Must See Website:  www.jdeanejobs.com

(913) 766-8664 Office

(913) 599-3549 Fax

Hi Jasen,


I went through the same review several months back and ended up choosing CATS because it is cost effective, user friendly, and simplifies many tasks.


I found that it offered many of the same features as the larger ATS' at a fraction of the cost. Nice thing is you can try it for free, which was a huge bonus for me. Now that it is fully implemented, I do find it can run a bit slow at times.


I found Taleo to be too complex for what I need (20-40 hires/year), but it is very customizable and scalable if you can front the $$.


Avoid PCRecruiter.


Hope that helps,


Loni, what tool did you decide on?  We too use salesforce.com and have been looking at targetrecruit and jobscience....thanks...Elizabeth  

Loni Spratt said:
Wow, this was a fun thread to read. I have to agree 100% with Marty and Jasen. People want to see honest feedback, the good and the bad. Let's face it, with every system there are pros and cons and the people who comment on both are the most helpful. Pushed responses from the vendor are useless, we might as well just call the company and listen to all of the sales pushes. Places like this forum are for people who honestly want to comment on their own who preferably were not influenced by the vendor. That's why I love the feature on LinkedIn answers and Amazon in which people can rate the post/answers as most helpful. If we had that on here, all of those pushed responses would have gotten 0 or 1 ratings and would have been pushed to the bottom of the list, saving many of us time of not having to read them.

I am evaluating ATS/CRM systems right now as well, but this thread just left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Bullhorn. Based on my research thus far from a bunch of other forums and blogs Bullhorn seems to be really expensive compared Sendouts and Maxhire. It is under my impression that BH is geared more towards the really big companies so perhaps that is why. We are using Salesforce for our CRM and we have a very simple ATS. We are either looking for an ATS that can integrate with Salesforce or a combined ATS/CRM that we can transfer all of our Salesforce data too without too much trouble.

I agree with you Jasen in that we have narrowed it down to a few with Sendouts and Maxhire at the top.


Jasen, we are a small firm and we're going through the same tedious process. I have heard good things about Bullhorn but I think they will prob be too expensive for us. We are considering Sendouts and Maxhire. I kind of like Maxhire a little more simply because it seems to have a more robust CRM tool, but I would like to talk to the sales rep again before I make my final determination. I would be curious to see what you pick and why. Maybe we can bounce ideas off each other?




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Hi Jason,


Saw your posting.  We use Taleo here at Dow Jones and have had multiple(and constant) challenges!


I would not suggest using this unless you absolutely need a global solution.  If that's the case be prepared to go through a lot of self service troubleshooting. 

Hi Jason-


      There is very little I can't do with Outlook 2003, with the flexibility it offers in the way of customizing it to my search practice. From automating emails to use, to special menu bars, to as many address books as I want to create for different industries. I then link address books and resume/candidate files for my BlackBerry with its SD micro card with the syncing feature, I can carry all my practice I want. I've had clients request I enter resumes on their Taleo database and I would not spend a dime on it! 




I am currently using ACT as our CRM and plan to update to ACT 2011.  I am also considering an ATS, probably Sendouts.  Does anyone have experience or knowledge of the compatibility of these two systems in terms of integrating data?  We intend to use them them both; ACT for marketing and non-client CRM, and Sendouts (or like-kind) for recruiting.

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