So, how long have you been recruiting?  Actual recruiting?  I am proud to say I started in 1996.  Next?  

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Replies to This Discussion balls were square and 99.9% of fees were "applicant paid". The fax, cell phone or computer had not been invented. Social media was a conference call involving three people if you had the technology to handle a conference call you were " cutting edge". Nobody had to tell anybody to get on the phone, it was the only means of communication particularly if one ran out of stamps.

1994, no internet then, all resumes were faxed. I don't miss that!

2009, joined my husband's recruiting company. His start was about 1992 with an employment agency so luckily he had plenty of experience and lots to teach me.

I have been recruiting since 1995. My own business since 1997


In 1996, when you proudly started recruiting -- I officially incorporated as an independent recruiting & university relations consultant. That was after twenty-four years of recruiting roles in: the military; a not-for-profit and corporate America.

In 2013 I’m going on forty-one years in actual recruitment efforts that have touched on several industries and a multitude of disciplines, levels and geographies.  And the people – the individuals & teams – the hiring managers – the diversity – the networks – the schools – the scar tissue - the projects -- the politics – etc. -- all reverberate just now answering this, so basic a question, on

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…and so it goes for recruiters who actually proudly recruit.

Damn.  Y'all are making me feel like the youngster I am.  2006-2007 for me, 6 months out of college

1995, Lots of situations! I remember faxing resumes too~

I wish you guys had been able to enjoy the thrill we felt when the fax machine showed up. It was perhaps more earth shattering than the computer. It was a whole new world when a resume could be reviewed in a matter of minutes instead of three days by mail or jumping in your car to hand deliver it. Although hand delivering a resume did give us an opportunity for face time with a local employer that is sometimes difficult at this time.

I remember people "collecting" CV's off the fax machine and accusing each other of taking candidates!  Working with doctors and 10+ page CV's was so fun then.....That was of course when smoking was allowed in the office.  I didnt smoke, but there were cigars and pipes...and cocktail lunches....seems like yesterday.

1997 (faxed and hand delivered resumes)

1995, I had a rolodex the size of a soccer ball with giant index cards with all of my recruits information.  Some days I kind of miss the simplicity of the rolodex cards, but love love online recruiting.  It never occured to me back then that we would have access to so many candidates and we could turn around a hire so quickly.  Wonder what it will be like in another 20 years.  

For me, in the 80's. We were opening new stores (for Target, then later TJ Maxx, and BCF).  We would literally "go shopping" for our store managers in Department stores, like Buffums, Bullocks, May Co, and Orbachs.  Anyone here old enough to remember those? I would ask to speak to the manager. After a few shopping trips, with my hands loaded with names and numbers, would get more names and numbers from them.  I remember the first time I posted a job on what we called "The Monster Board". We gave them a fax number to send the resumes to. We were so worried. We still posted jobs in the newspaper, because we didn't believe that anyone would see the posting "ON THAT INTERNET BOARD" Oh my.. Now I feel old! 

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