Social Media - what has it done for you? I am continually fascinated by the round of complaints that occur every time technology evolves or improves on networks like facebook and even our own RBC. I rarely notice these changes until somebody else complains. They just are part of the evolution of new media. I embrace these upgrades because I automatically assume that the developers and designers are more capable than I at predicating what is best for the technology of any particular network.

By being flexible you are also able to quickly adapt. It's the whole "Who moved my cheese?" theory. When you close yourself off to change and upgrades you limit your ability to move forward, stagnation is not pretty on anyone - especially when the mosquitoes start to gather. There are plenty of social media sites in decline and begging for once active participants to return to their pages. Why?

What did they do wrong? They probably listened to their members too closely and made poor choices regarding upgrades and advances. I receive a daily email from one site I used to frequent with a declaration of "It's been too long since we have seen you... you are missed." These failed attempts at rekindling a flame fall on silent fingers as I have moved on and upward. My cheese has moved and I go where the cheese is.

The need for change is prominent in all forms of business. We have seen newspapers evolve or die. We have seen cameras move into the digital era or die. We have seen analog watches become items of nostalgia. We have seen the ticker tape slowly progress. But in an effort to find that constantly moving cheese, do not forget to consider the human source. Often, in an attempt to stay clear and present in new media, we fail to simply remember that our fingers can do more than type, they can dial a phone.

I overheard a conversation between my sister-in-law and my nephew the other day. She was asking if his friend would be joining them on an outing, the conversation went something like this:

Nephew: I don't know, he hasn't IM'd me back yet. And he hasn't answered my email.
Sister-in-Law: Well, why don't you call him?
Nephew: Because he doesn't have a phone.
Sister-in-Law: What do you mean he doesn't have a phone? You talk to him all the time.
Nephew: Well, he doesn't have a house phone.
Sister-in-Law: So, call his cell phone.
Nephew: Well..., uhhh..., ummm... I was waiting for him to IM me back.
Sister-in-Law: I can't stand this IM, Facebook, email stuff. Just pick up the phone and call him! You'd already have an answer by now. And she huffed out of the room.

Some things never change. Mothers and Sons. Live voices and Progress.
Embrace it. Cause it's not going away.

by rayannethorn


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Humm, "Its not going away"? I know I've heard this a time or two? Was it my Dr when he told me about..., no, that's right the shot fixed that...Obama talkin about the size of goverment, sadly, that ones true, but, still not where I've heard it last!?!

If only I'd taken the time to have listened, but I was too busy returning a page. It was my broker who told me to keep buying GM stock. If I stay true to this easy money scheme, I'll be able to buy another house, then flip it before the balloon payments are due. Hold on, I've got to turn over my Elton LP, I like side B better anyway. OK, there...

What was I doing? Oh yea, reading about how someone built this better mouse trap, called the Internet to try & force me to change. It's a fad, Rayanne, do you really think it's here to stay? ;-)
I love this! I hear things like this all too often. More people need to embrace change and use it to their advantage!

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