Do you think Google is a major player in technology? Do you think they pay attention to what is new, what is hip, what is important in social media? Perhaps. I recently heard an interesting fact: Google and Twitter have engaged in a multi-million dollar partnership. What does this mean to you and me? First, it means that Google views Twitter as a powerful business tool. Second, it means that Twitter will be backed by the biggest player in internet technology. And third, it means that Twitter is not going away.

Interestingly enough, Twitter is still not being taken serious by big business. What Twitter allows is the opportunity to engage personally with customers and clients - right now. While Google is a fantastic search engine, it is not right now, it is not this second. Twitter is real-time, right now, right this second. Imagine the capabilities? Combining real time with the most incredible search engine there is.

Do you think we need to take it seriously? I do. (she yells at the top of her lungs) I encourage my clients to create a profile, begin active engagement, and I even offer to help them put together tweets. While, at first, it can be off-setting and maybe a little daunting, Twitter is just a conversation. That is all. Keeping that in mind, what might you be interested in sharing with current or potential clients and customers, how about candidates? When you look at it as a tool built as a conversation enabler, it takes the "big and scary" away. It should make it easier to think of how you can make it work for you.

Are you in a niche? Perhaps you are a generalist. Perhaps you are a sourcer. Perhaps you own a business and want to know best hiring practices or learn the most that you can about HR and recruiting. Maybe you have developed a product to solve an issue within your own company or industry. How do you see the speed of Twitter and search capabilities of Google assisting you? It is never easy to try something new or to take a risk. Growth comes from risk. Development comes from difficulties.

If you haven't embraced Twitter, try and figure out why. What is it that scares you? Or keeps you from it? I have heard many say, I just don't like it. I understand this. I didn't like the fax machine and I didn't like it when theLadders started charging me after I had already used them for a couple years. I didn't like it when my office got moved or I resigned previous positions. Not liking something is not an excuse. Learn to love it. And you know why...

by rayannethorn


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Thanks Rayanne,
You've been a real SM mentor! I've tried to follow your advice to tweet after I eat, or as it's called "eat-n-tweet". I really feel like the more I do it, the easier it becomes wo/ just telling others what I'm eating. As a small business that is very nitchy, it allows others to follow what's new. I've now got to the point, where I'm posting updates during events with pics. Then when it's over, and people are raving about their experience, I ask them to join my fan page and post a feedback to their pics I already posted. I'm then using those as references for new clients. Best of all, it's all free for now, I feel like I owe FB & Tweeter a glass of wine, lol

PS. I'd be crazy not to offer my page if anyone wants to follow what I'm doing, its the same on FB & twit: OCCustomWine

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