As I walked out of the coffee shop, I spotted the perfect table.  It was half in the shade, half in the sun and the shade was provided by a lovely, leafy tree - not an umbrella. For some reason that made a difference.  For some reason, it made the shade more real and seemingly cooler.  I set my course and weaved m y way through countless other tables filled with countless other patrons who shared my same idea - a moment of morning quiet before the rush of day began. 


And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw her.  She moved quicker than I and before I even had a chance to comprehend what was happening, she was sitting at my table and was motioning to her friends to join her.  Thief.  I quickly maneuvered my way past her and found a less-than-perfect spot to take ten.  I didn't fume, I didn't make faces, share a gesture or even say a word.  I just went about my own business and let it go. It was not worthy an extra thought or concern.  And yet, here I am writing about it and thinking about it still.


After all, it was the perfect table.  There are those that sit at the perfect table all their lives and don't even know it or they do know it and don't appreciate what they have.  Then there are those who sit at a crappy table and make believe or try to convince themselves and others that their table is the best.  Amy Winehouse had a pretty good seat.  But she blew it, she couldn't appreciate the view or feel the relief of her own natural shade - an incredible voice, unlike any other.  For some reason, it just wasn't satisfying, it wasn't enough.  It's Back to Black...


And then, sitting at a fancy, fake table sits a beauty who can only just pluck out a tune, barely eek out a song, auto-tuned for radio-play and embarrassing live.  And we can't ignore enough to make her go away, as money and commissioned awards pile up and the illusion lives on for a deceived public and in her own head.   Real talent escapes.  And a forced table in manufactured shade never stands empty.


The argument lives on between the naturally-gifted vs. the manufactured.  Is the job easier if it comes naturally or does this mean less work equals less drive for ultimate success, like the kid who never has to study as opposed to the kid who studies her heart out, passionate to succeed and pleased as punch with a C+?  You have come across these individuals, perhaps you are one or the other. 


by rayannethorn

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Nice one, Rayanne. 

Too many times, we end up at the not-so-perfect table & spend our "10 minutes" fuming about our loss...Not a healthy option, as you mentioned. 

That being said, there are other moments that we need to fight for that perfect table, rather than just taking a seat, smiling & settling for the drab shade of the plastic umbrella. 

Simply stated: Know when to hold them & know when to fold them.  ;)

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