I thought this might make an interesting discussion. I posted that quote in one of last week's daily emails to the RBC. I had heard it on a sports radio show and was curious to who folks thought it was most applicable to- Recruiters? or Candidates?



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"Talking too much never helped anyone", particularly in a job interview scenario because it probably means you're either hard-selling yourself too much, if you're the job candidate; or you're hard-selling the job opportunity, or the company too much--if you're the recruiter.  In both situations, talking more than listening may also be happening—which could also be a negative.  


I would define “hard-selling” is that point where enough has been said on the subject but a “buy” decision is not apparent or perceived so the attempt is to double up on what you’re trying to sell which results in “talking too much”.


Who tends to talk too much relative to Recruiters and Candidates?  I’d say, Candidates—because they often make the mistake of trying to throw in the kitchen sink to make a point, if they feel their first and second examples, in response to a specific question, didn’t impress the interviewer.  Which, by the way, may not be necessary because the interviewer may have been impressed with the first response to their question. 


Recruiters trying to attract a “water-walker” A-Level/Top Tier candidate tend to go down the “talk too much” road as well in the wooing process, particularly if there are competing job offers on the table and their best-and-final offer is on the table.



As you can tell, I'm a woman of many words.

From a Recruiter's perspective especially in the Temporary world it is really important not to "sell" or talk any potential candidate into taking a position/assignment. No matter how wonderful or well suited to the position they may be! That is when it is easy to talk too much! First off it is a waste of time to talk their ear off about a particular job without asking first if they are even available and can make a strong commitment to whatever length it may be. Secondly you can't gauge a reaction and how "into" an assignment/job they really are if you are the one doing all of the talking! I always ask open ended questions and then I SHUT UP! haha If they are available and sound really excited about the preliminary info I have given them that is when I will move forward and talk their ear off about what the position entails. At the end of that however I then ask them four little magic words- "How does that sound?" and then I SHUT UP and gauge their reaction again. If their response is under whelming and they say something along the lines of "Yeah, sure, ok, i'll do it" then I know to move on to the next candidate who will be excited and will actually make a STRONG commitment to the job. Whenever you "talk" someone into commiting to something they are not thrilled about you will wind up having an open job order again in a few weeks and will thus be creating a "revolving" door for your clients!

You never open your mouth till you know what the shot is. ;-)


Is that near Rio Rancho?

Bill Schultz said:

So you've been to Cabo?


Dan Hunter said:

You never open your mouth till you know what the shot is. ;-)


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