Conversations come and go. So do technologies.


There are those who believe that their own words are the only true words.  There are also those who believe there is no one smarter than they or that no one else could possibly have a good idea or provide insight that could possibly change outcomes.  Closed-mindedness destroys many business ideas before they even have a chance to get off the ground.  


It is easy  to watch this in religious discussions or in political arguments.   It is often difficult for someone with a passionate viewpoint or heartfelt belief to hear - actually hear - what another party has to say.   And the usual choice for how to deal with an opposing or different point of view is to walk away or duke it out, either using words or, sadly, fists.  There is a course of thought that if someone or some group doesn't believe how you believe or act how you act, the only thing to do is to destroy the opposition.   This is obviously not the type of conversation that comes or goes. 


I, personally, cannot afford to maintain a position of absoluteness.  This leads to stagnation, retardation of thought, and /or to falling behind - losing edge - missing the boat.  My first induction into technology was the social networking of the late nineties.  I was inept, I was far behind my curve, and  I felt I could never catch up or learn what I needed to learn in order to truly benefit from what technology had to offer me, an ordinary mom who worked in the dental field.  My transition into recruiting was not only an eye-opener but truly - truly - a life saver.  The best part, I discovered, was that I was a quick learner... this tech stuff all made sense, and if it didn't, I could figure it out or find someone who could help me figure it out.


I am not an engineer or techie of any kind.  I am someone who cannot learn enough or quickly enough.  Social Media and its offerings intrigued me.  I knew, like many others, that the way we communicated would be changed by the not only the speed of social media, but by the intrigue and desire of its participants.  We learn and retain more quickly when and what we want to learn and retain.  My aspirations for business were altered when I realized that the PC was transitioning from a luxury item to a necessary item in not only every business, but in each home.


The last five years I have spent recruiting in or marketing for technology and diving head first into tech, myself, as a user.  I will never be a techie or develop a software, but you can bet I will use it and promote it.  Why?  Because it would be senseless for me to deny it.  It would be like Grandma telling my mom that Elvis or the Beatles were  just fads.  They were, true, but they changed the world of music forever.


I suppose in the long run of it all, that what we do and use now are just fads.  Just like Polaroid cameras and eight-track tapes were fads, like VCRs and Walkie-Talkies - but each step forward, away from a lingering fad or technology is a step into a changing world, a world that was changed by that fad.  And I'll take the steps because I just don't think I can afford to be left behind.


Can you?


by rayannethorn

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Nice post Rayanne. I like your pragmatic openness to ideas.... "I, personally, cannot afford to maintain a position of absoluteness". Also like your ideas about how to think about technology. The best companies strike the right balance w/technology. They don't just blindly rush to embrace the latest (iPads for everyone!), but they are also not in denial. When a company does it right, aggressively investing in technology only after understanding how it will impact fundamental aspects of the business, they're not being "techy", they're just being smart.


In the past 5-6 years the technology revolution has been mostly driven changes in the consumer space. All cool stuff. But how much more mileage are we going to get from an app that can read your mood? A facebook game that lets you virtually farm alongside your friend across the country? The most exciting advancements are about to come in business. There is so much pentup money to be spent in the business technology space. So many obsolete practices to be improved. Budgets have been so dormant for so long, while at the same time technologies have changed dramatically with the move to cloud computing. Big change is coming to business, and no industry is more ready for it than recruiting.  

Good companies will listen and learn from the market, the customer, the competition and combine their findings with emerging technologies.


When this happens, technologies don't just "come and go" --- they ADVANCE, IMPROVE, and increase their utility.


This leads to significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. Let's hope most companies embrace this method for continual improvement.  Otherwise, their time in the sun will fade.

Great post Rayanne. I still remember the fad of emailing, then IMing, then texting...I am sure the wheel was a fad once too! Hah!

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