With so much good stuff, and much of it coming from new members, it's getting harder and harder to choose just three posts for my Editor's Picks. So, from this week forward I'll pick the best of that days posts and you can pick a best one of your own...

Featured Posts, Articles & Authors...

Mendoza's Monday Member Showcase:
Meet Thomas F.X. Licari, Corporate Recruiter, and Activist Founder ...
Tutorial Tuesday

Kelly Dingee with a post: Do you like Facebook as a source?
Tuesday's Talent Talk Cafe
Hosted by Susan Burns: A conversation on blogging and best practices
[Special thanks to Jerry Albright]
Claudia's Wednesday Wisdom
Smell the Roses
Third Party Thursday
Mark Berger with a post Free Resumes and Job Postings
Friday: TGIS (Thank Goodness It's Sumser!)
Digging Into RecruitingBlogs.com v2.03: Verbal Summary

...and Editor's Picks

Your Internet/Recruiting Dashboard by RecruiterGuy
The Death of Recruitment Print Advertising? by Iain MacGibbon
Down Economy Brings Opportunity by Sean Harry
Too Much Training? by Bill Radin
Salary Secrets by Michael Glenn
Overcoming Perception by Aasia
The Tao of The Hire by Dave Graziano
Are you a "Control Freak"? by Debbie Goodin
How many freaks do you pass over each day? by Maren Hogan
What You Should Know About the New LinkedIn by Craig Fisher
High tech ... high touch by Ric Willmot
Is Sourcing the Silver Bullet of Recruiting? by Cathy McCullough
Jobster calling on desperate measures? by Chad Sowash
Hitting 2009 in Stride – Tips From The Top HR Blogging Minds by Jeremy Hatfield
Facebooking- Personal VS. Professional information by Jennifer LaVigne
Innovation through Inclusion by Joe Gerstandt

Think Before Your Tweet - A MUST READ!! by Scott Gordon
The Client Side - Put Yourself In Their Shoes by Todd Kmiec
The Power of PMA: Positive Mental Attitude by Mike Rasmussen

Recruiting Tip of the Day

Dean Lockett says: Get a recommendation. Doesn't matter if it's a candidate that you placed or didn't place but worked hard to or if its a client that you've provided a service to .... get a recommendation. More...
Craig Silverman says: Learn how to ask opened ended questions and be a great listener. This is a fun business so have some fun while you are at it. Focus on helping people and the placements will start falling into place. More...
Antoinette says think outside the box. I find good candidates by looking on Licensing or Chapter Member websites. In some cases you can also place a free add on a chapter website specifically for people with the certification that you are seeking. More...
Steve Levy says: Volunteer your company as the place to hold related vertical and functional association meetings, supplying refreshments, food, and shwag while practicing the art of Zen Recruiting. More...
Kelly says: When a candidate stacks up well on paper and in person, yet for some reason you feel uneasy about them, listen to your instincts. More...

This Week's RBC Blogordinaire: Steve Levy

How should we describe Steve? Indefatigable; incorrigible perhaps? Hmmm...how about insubordinate, insolant even? Whatever, he's one of the in-crowd:
Even the porn industry has its hand out
Googling helps destroy the environment
Four Pink Slips and a Lawsuit
The Fractured Sisterhood @Work
Sorry Mrs. Slouch

The Week's Top Videos

LinkedIn Tips - OneMinuteInterviewTips.com posted by Gus Cawley
Employee Engagement posted by Moi'
Recruiter Earth Films posted by Chris LaVoie
Ever wish you could fly??? .. no truly fly? Check this out. posted by Jim - medXcentral
Animal Tribute posted by Jim Durbin


"Maren...we'll need a, um, ring girl to carry the cards 'tween rounds. Mo...waddahya, a repawtah or sumtin? You're gonna help Maren. Danarooooo...you're another one of those crazy Aussies; we have you pegged for beer sales" Steve Levy, An Hour With...it just isn't this simple

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lots of stuff to go through. Thanks for doing this every week.
Ami - Very few realize that I'm basically a shy person (technically and INTJ) . Thanks for helping the "others" see this too...
Mrs. Slouch remains unconvinced, or so I'm told.

Steve Levy said:
Ami - Very few realize that I'm basically a shy person (technically and INTJ) . Thanks for helping the "others" see this too...
You both realize that by the time I reach Toronto in April, Mrs. Slouch WILL hate me...

Amitai Givertz said:
Mrs. Slouch remains unconvinced, or so I'm told.

Steve Levy said:
Ami - Very few realize that I'm basically a shy person (technically and INTJ) . Thanks for helping the "others" see this too...

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