I love my mobile device, LOVE it.  I am happy to live in a time when any kind of communication is achieved at any time.  My mobile device is with a particular carrier with whom I have been extremely happy.  I realize that not everyone can say that – I am one of those everyone’s because I have four other cell phones that I pay for that are with an alternate carrier.  Yes, I pay for, in total, five phones; one is a backup for me and the other three are for the children still living under my roof.


While the declination of the written word has plagued me for several years now, the deterioration of the spoken word has shocked me.  We are a society and species that is dominant because our communication and how it is achieved can be incredibly technical or as simple as the lovely word, “yes”.  I watch very carefully my phone bill and make changes, as needed, to my family plan.  I have watched an interesting development over the last twelve months, you may have observed this yourself.   Talk time usage has dropped dramatically at my house.  I have had unlimited plans, 5000-minute plans, 2600-minute plans and last year I went to a 1400-minute, of course, with unlimited texting – a standard part of my phone bill for the last five years. 


This last bill, much to my shock, the total shared minutes of talk time between my three children was 120 minutes.  120.  The total number of text messages sent, between the three of them?  3,256!  I am the one with whom they text with most often.  It was just a jolt to my psyche to see it minute by minute, text by text. 


This is the new and upcoming workforce.  My children are all bright and well-spoken.  They just choose the quickest way to stay in touch.  How often do you sit back and send a text and wait and wait and wait for a response, instead of dialing a number and getting it done – and yes, I am guilty.

I'd like to be able to respond to at least 50% of all incoming text messages via live voice on the phone.   Here’s the thing, what if it makes a difference in my life, my relationships, my business?  How could the benefit be denied?  And I will be reporting back on this.  


by rayannethorn

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Amen!  Our organization is challenged with the same issue as it pertains to our sales force and the use of email, etc. in lieu of actual phone calls and spoken conversations.  Relationship building and true understanding simply cannot take place to the same degree with the digital word as it can with the spoken word.  Email and texting are great for simple exchanges, but they should be limited to that..."simple" exchanges.  Effectiveness and efficiency both drop dramatically when you get into more complex topics and discussions.  Certainly most sales calls would fall under the "complex" description.  And like you, I am sometimes guilty of this as well and I am continually working to improve on this.  Great post!

I just love what is going on.  It's back to the future.  Every time we try to substitute a device for human communication we get ourselves in a hell of mess.  Since lightening struck a tree and something stepped out with eyes, ears, a mouth,  a face , a body and the attachments thereof, communication has been sounds, words, expressions and body language.  Removing any one of those senses lessens the clarity of communication.


Even talking on the phone quickly reaches a point where the nuance of understanding is lacking.  Until we live in a robotic society where the only communication is between our devices we best keep our communications between humans as human as possible.  Think about the expression, "In every sense of the word".  I dont' think that just means the written definition.


Don't text me.  I already know two and half languages and i am not going to learn a third one because you are too damn lazy to talk in whole words and sentenances.  :)

Call me old school but if I had only one piece of technology, it would be the phone. But believe it or not, I know two people that NEVER answer the phone anymore - they've made it clear they want a voice mail, text or email. Abandon all hope.

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