Halloween night was more trick then treat for my adult daughter. She had stopped by my home to say hello and complain about how poorly her car was running. She had an event to attend several miles away and I was just staying home to greet the costumed neighborhood kids; I offered her my car so her travels would be a bit more comfortable.

Much later that evening, I received a phone call from the same daughter who was in a panic. Someone had just hit her with their truck along the driver's side of the car. I asked if she was ok, yes, she was and then asked if she wanted me to come to the scene, yes, she did. She was very upset though physically ok. The other driver, trying to merge too quickly into her lane, instead merged into her, virtually broad-side sweeping the car and pushing her up on the curb.

The damage was moderate and yes, the driver did try to pin fault on her, no luck, the damage spoke for itself. The car was drivable but would require repair soon, as the windows could not be used, door handle was ready to fall off, and the driver side mirror was damaged. I called my auto insurance, immediately, with a half hour of the accident.

By Monday, I received two calls from the insurance and an appointment scheduled on Tuesday for an adjuster to take a look at the car and give me an estimate. Tuesday afternoon, forty minutes after meeting the adjuster, I was in a rental car continuing throughout my day. The adjuster was organized and extremely efficient but most of all he was all about customer service. The car rental went even more smoothly with the agent helping me transfer items from my car to the rental and details of the agreement at my finger tips. It was the most amazing customer service experience of my life.

It has been at least twelve years since my last experience dealing with an auto accident and insurance. The efficiency, I know, comes from the speed of computers and the ease of internet communications but the excellent customer service came from people who cared about people. It doesn't matter how quickly you do your job, if you don't care for whom you are doing it. A smile, a lilt in the voice, and a genuine desire to be helpful still ranks higher and goes a lot further than an emailed report.

by rayannthorn

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So VERY glad your daughter was okay!!! I immediately was able to relate from the second paragraph; my heartrate quickened and I wanted to find out your child was OKAY!

It's shows what's truly important in life. Horrible that the driver tried to pin blame on you.
It's true! Customer service speaks for itself. I will shop at certain stores even if it means spending more money because I am fond of their customer service. Excellent customer service is what seperates the surviving companies from the failing ones.
Good to hear that your daughter was home safe. And even more happy to hear that people still value customer service in organizations. When it comes to insurance companies, customer service is their main tool. As far as talent management is concerned, the companies should look for hiring people who are soft spoken and are helpful by nature to deliver a meaningful customer service.

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