On Monday night, I received a text message saying that my mother was being admitted to the hospital with severe stomach pain - gall stones the size of Nevada, apparently. She had surgery yesterday morning. Her gall bladder completely removed; she is doing better. This is good news and a huge relief. My mother is the strongest woman I know.


When I was about fourteen, she was hanging curtains in my newly decorated bedroom. She stood on my bed and as she moved along, walking on the bed, stepping on pillows and whatever else was piled up on my bed, her foot slipped, causing her body weight to shift thus resulting in the curtain rod being bent. A swear word escaped her lips, a word I had never heard her say. Other than an occasional "dammit," I had never heard my mother swear. I sat there, immobilized, waiting for her reaction. She produced none, straightened out the curtain rod and the task at hand was soon completed.


My mom was and is the epitome of doing what is right. If she perceives an action is "if-fy" or would disappoint her God or family, she will not move forward with that action. She comes from and is "tough stock." She will bounce back from this surgery quicker than I can blink. She has a job to do, her duty for her work drives her on and motivates her to fulfill her end of the bargain.  She has always had a strong sense of commitment to whatever she commits.  


She took care of my brother who had cerebral palsy until he passed away. She cared for her own father, who suffered from Parkinson's.  She let go of much hurt to take in my father who suffered from mental illness and a debilitating respiratory disorder that eventually claimed his life.  She has always put herself second and worked harder than any person I know.  That is her life.  And while we may not always agree, I am forever indebted to my Angel Mom and the love and support she has tirelessly showered upon me.  


There are people in our lives that will serve as examples of how we should be, how to grow up and take responsibility.  There will be others that shirk responsibility, and endlessly take.  Life is full of decisions and "roads diverging." The path you choose declares who you are and where you are going.  Choose wisely.  Choose with might.  Choose with heart.


Robert Frost and Yoda could have learned from my mom.  I'm glad I did.


by rayannethorn



get well, mommy!

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What a nice tribute to your mom! Thanks for sharing, and I hope she gets well soon.

Rayanne, I always thought you were tough and now I know. Well written and I hope your mom recovers soon. I think she would be very proud to know that you think so highly of her and have written so fondly. People like her tend to just give of themselves without expecting anything in return but it is good to know when one is appreciated.

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