Hello Everyone -


As you log on to the RBC today I am sure you are quick to note the new makeover. I discussed this a bit more in today's daily email, but wanted to open this thread to hear from all of you. All feedback, suggestions, and bugs can be reported on this thread.


We continue to work behind the scenes in rolling out the changes. Even a simple like click if you like what you see would me a great deal.


Thanks everyone!

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Good luck with the update. I had three reports of iPad crash with the update to the new os. Mine just jumps from the reply box to the top of the page and stays there until Ispace or hit the next key. Sometimes takes out letters or spaces. Is anybody else having iPad problems trying to post?

Ugh - I have heard a few horror stories with regards to the update. That is why I kinda waited, but thanks- hope it goes smooth. You have a iPad 1 or 2 Sandra?

On my computer it's all a little blurry in most areas, but not all, so it's giving me a little bit of a headache am sorrry to say. Hopefully this is a temporary glitch. It looks like it might be nice!

@Pam - Geez...sorry to hear that. What Browser are your currently using? I will look into a bit more from this side. I apologize now for adding to any part of a 'headache'.

@Tim--it's odd.  I noticed the blurred headings and sub-headings, but only on my laptop not on my desk computer.

Heading on FORUM, e.g., under "Featured Discussions"...Sandra's is entirely blurred...the larger letters look like they have a shadow-effect and appear blurry.  The smaller point lettering is blurred and harder to read.

Sandra McCartt

STICKY STUFF -"I am not a bully".

Dear Sticky Stuff,Help, we had a new employee join our group this week. She didn't start to work, she exploded into the department like Won…

Started by Sandra McCartt in Recruiting Rants


Yet under "Categories" the large and small lettering appears fine on my laptop...if that helps.

@Tino do you use IE? If so, do you happen to know what version? Thanks in advance.

@Tim...I went to view and changed "Style" to "No Style" from "Default Style" and that CORRECTED THE PROBLEM...all lettering is crystal clear.

I noticed when I went back to "Default Style" under "VIEW" on my laptop the lettering went back to blurred.

My Toshiba Laptop is new and only has two style settings.  For whatever reason its "Default Style" setting corrupts the lettering for headings on the RBC website..


Hope this helps.

I have iPad 1

When I post not only does it jump it's itty bitty very faint almost too small to read.

This looks amazing! What a fantastic job you guys have done with the community.

Thanks Maren - means a great deal coming from you.

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