"The day started a little strange. The sun was shining, an unexpected pleasure, given our seventeen straight days of overcast gloom. The staging area, where the prisoners are held until visitors come to call, was packed - the breath of one could be felt on another. Eyes darted as this close proximity usually led to trouble among the troubled. The last thing anyone needed today was trouble..."

Just a little fiction to start off my post today. ;-)
Andy Gregory posted a comment on my 400! post that made me pause to think... I really have never had writer's block. Oh sure, there have a been a few times when I have sat down in front of my computer without the foggiest idea of what I was going to write but then I just recounted my day or my week or my life and a story always seems to pop into mind, a story that can be told in a way, allowing it to be attached to a concept, practice or simple idea. It is how I write, it is actually how I thrive.

One of the most simple practices I uphold, to avoid writer's block, is keeping a notepad handy.  This used to be an actual notebook, one I held in my hand, that required a pen or pencil.  I, typically, use only black pen - a bad habit from my early working days when my boss forbid blue pens to be used in our files.  These days, however, my notepad is virtual.  It is a yellow pad app in my mobile phone where I quickly jot down ideas and random experiences that are slightly unique - notes that I can return to and draw from in my daily musings. 

Geez, sorry - I rarely call them musings and I don't like to call them insights for that might indicate that I know what I am talking/writing about.  I am learning and struggling daily, just like everyone else.  But what my writing has done is allowed me to highlight areas where I have some experience, explore those where I lack and yet, always - always - always remember that tone rarely comes across in the written word.  And to that end is why I try to write as conversationally as possible.

I love the comma, I love italics, and well, bolding and underlining? (that was on puporse, btw) I could go on and on.  The point is, I still stand behind my belief that everyone should write.  We all have unique experiences that may benefit someone else.  Or.., that may only benefit the writer to recount and write it all down.  We are in this life to learn, why not use a handy, easy-to-use tool right in front of you to do so?  And just because you write doesn't mean you have to publish or publicize your blog space for anyone else but yourself. Just give it a go. 

Come on in, the water's fine.....  

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Rayanne, I am so glad it is now documented that I caused someone to pause and think. On my way to thought leader. Lookout.

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